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i still have the problem ooooffff

oh.... am on Chromebook... it dosent have f2. what now?

glad to help

i gave it several uneape names that no one else had. i dident try to over right anything but it still said the same thing over and over agen. i tryed everything. mabey its a bug or something

i have a ipd and i played for a wile but i have a vary hard time placeing body parts and i cant dealet them. also it kiked me out of the game and was laggy. same thing as the cromebook

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it starts out grate but soon gets worse and worse and if i speed up the time it gets worse even faster when i send it back to 100% speed

also ive reticently made several vary complex fish that have jaws and avoid obstetricals and are relatively fast. a small one who is still vary big compared to othere things. a larger one whos only slightly bigger and was more of a exparament. and today i whent complacently over bord and made a giant fish and its super fast and can kill everything that i put infront of it. but you see the problem is i cant save my fish and i really dont want to lose my latest monstrosity. can you help? when i try to save it just said name is unavailable no matter what i do. btw amma post my maga fish on the sub reddit

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hey do you have discord?

and if so can i friend you?

also the demo version is vary laggy and i want to by the game but dose it work on cromebooks and ipads?

soooooo when is the chrome version coming out?

i really really love this game but i wish that it was waaaay longer and had a less sad ending or maybe an alternate ending where little borrus doesn't die

ps make a version for chrome please

can you please make zombies optional

thay ruin everything

oh and one more thing. add a world border. maybe make it to where it telloperts the bibit to the other side of the map

hey I just discovered this channel by accident and I love it soooo much and I want to play it really bad but I have a crome book so can you please make it so it can work on the crome book thank you 

ps if this game gets more advance I got an idea. what if you add stiffness flexibility dinceady and softness and maybe even muscles and tendons as well, inside an individual bibites flesh and body in sertent parts. and this might form exoskeletons or bone and beaks or something at random. ex  a hard part of the bibits body (in this case its mouth)evolved to be harder at random and (with or without if there will be muscles ) muscles will open and close at different power (depending on how strong the muscle is) and this can help the bibit as a naturally generated beak

pps love your work :)