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Hello, thank You for sharing this information with me. I have added the 7zip option. Thank you for awesome informational feedback!

Hey, sorry for the late response, but all you need is winrar. Open the downloaded Alpha 1.71.rar with winrar, then drag out the the folder on to your desktop, or click extract. Inside the folder you will find the infinitedriver.exe which will run the game. Good luck! ;D

Hello wonderful people,

I'm posting this to announce that some updates will be coming soon. I will post more information soon!

InfiniteDriver community · Created a new topic To do list

In order to keep track of the progress of the game i will post the "to do" task over here.

To do:

* Make garage animations better and also add transitions.

* Improve all UI from the default

* And more sounds to the game

* Fix flickering after 30 mins of driving (clipping planes seem to affect this problem)

* Add purpose for loot boxes after unlocking all parts

* Add multiple tracks like touge, circuit, sprints and such.

* Add more cars to the game. Perhaps with a possibility to make your own car from scratch?

* Make loot box opening more satisfying (particles, sounds lights etc )

* Add a currency which would be used to buy different cars?

* Figure out a name for the game, feel free to suggest anything (I need help)

* Add more particles in general (off track dust or something like that)

* Improve the car feel

* Give the game a plot ( Open for a discussion)

Below are already accomplished tasks:

* Add sound effects Alpha 1.3 ( Needs work ^^)

* Improve car handling Alpha 1.32 (Needs a lot of work too )

* Fix track looping over itself  Alpha 1.2

* Add a menu Alpha 1.3

* Stop car from flying Alpha 1.32

* Fix flickering after driving 10km Alpha 1.31

*Add car tuning Alpha 1.41

InfiniteDriver community · Created a new topic Discord

You are now welcome in the discord created specifically for this game. Here is your invitation:

InfiniteDriver community · Created a new topic Suggestions

Feel free to suggest ideas or other improvements to the game.  I will consider and appreciate any suggestion. I need the help from the community, so we could make something great from this game ^^

Very nice game, very fun experience :)

Cool, such a unique game, i wonder how did you come up with this idea :D Well done

Cool game I like it, nice art

Wow, thanks for this wonderful game experience

Looks beautiful, nice visuals.

Nice game, never played game with these controls, but it was an unique experience. Would have loved a boss fight or something to finish it all off, because the fishes didn't even come close to me. Other than that it's nice.

HMMMm. Cool, didn't really beat the boss on my first try, but i ran away into a small room and then.. Nice game

Nice art and well fitting sounds, works clean. Very good job :D

Nice game, I really like the art it was also easy to get into, the instructions or quests provided by the npc were very useful at the start, well made.

Thanks for pointing that out :)

I love your idea

Orinator By @BazukaxDev. Play >

I like your choice of dwarves, well made :)

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Well done so far c: