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It’s been a few days announcing GLinux. After “some” negative & well received feedback, I’ve settled down on some fundamental changes.

I’m going to base GLinux on Pop!_OS. It will use the same repositories and the same shop. GNOME will be the default DE. The kernel will still be a custom Xanmod one. Theming and branding will be a little bit more different than Pop.

I’ve also planned a small tool based on Zenity that allows for non-command line updating of the system (& maybe viewing some system stats)

I can’t exactly pin-point the exact release date, but it will be postponed a few months until now.

Until then, bye!

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Hey Folks,

Raphipod here, the dev of GLinux! I have some pretty good news. I decided to skip Kernel 5.10 entirely, and I am now waiting for a stable XanMod-Release for 5.11, which will also ship with 0.21.0!

Why you might ask? Because of the countless improvements for AMD & Intel processors & some very important groundwork to tackle AntiCheat.

Torvalds said, 5.11 would come in mid-February, and the guys @ XanMod are doing great work to release it a few days later. In the meantime, I am brushing up my scripts, so that we end up with a stable first Release!

Until then, Raphipod

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I have a little project going on. I want to make a Linux-distro with a custom Linux kernel focused on Gaming, and with some shell-scripts executed at install time, it should be set up (with a VirtualBox). I have already done the base of it.

You could be a:

  • Tester: test the distro with a VirtualMachine of your choice!
  • Developer: works on the shell scripts

DM me on Discord, or join my Discord server for more info if you’re interested!

DM: Raphipod#1334 Discord server:

What an interesting game concept!

Don’t download this version if you want to. Nothing dangerous, but the Back/Forward and the Reload-Button are broken in this release. Sorry.

My source code is hosted on GitHub:

This browser doesn’t have tabs, because it should be a memory-saving browser. The more tabs, the more memory it uses. That’s how I planned it to be, it should be like that by design.

I have sent you an email!

Hey Indigo Studios,

I would gladly help you with the German translation of your game!

Is any coding/programming knowledge needed, or is it just “translating the sentences”?

I am looking forward hearing from you, Raphipod from BavarianBytes

  • Bookmarking
  • Twitch-Stream functionality (probably won't ever work)

LightBrowser 2020.05.02 (Update 6)


  • Download-Functionality
  • added and DuckDuckGo in the dock
  • added Zoom-Function (up to 3x)
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Unfortunately, I can't install the browser, because the .msi installer doesn't work!

What a coincidence I saw it, because I am also currently developing a browser, but it's based off of Chromium! Keep up the good work!

LightBrowser 2020.05.01 (Update 5)


  • UI-Changes (new way to print and show the source code of the current page)
  • Updated Chrome to 81.3.2-branch

LightBrowser 2020.05 (Update 4)


  • JS and WebGL-Support
  • Huge UI-Changes
  • Updated Chrome to 81-dev-branch
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LightBrowser 2020.03.01 (Update 1)


  • Added Twitch Button (Sadly, no streams are playing...)
  • More space for the Website in the window
LightBrowser 2020 community · Created a new topic CHANGELOG
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LightBrowser 2020.03 (first stable release)


  • Fixed weird typing-behaviour in address bar
  • Bug fixes
  • Added button shortcuts to websites

More features expect to come soon!

Hey Dinamic Creates!

I recently tested your game, and I enjoyed playing it!

A very simple approach on 4-player soccer, a clear interface and GUI.

Maybe, you could make different maps, e. g. a soccer stadium or a beach map!

If you add multiplayer support, which I know, is a bit difficult, the game would be perfect!

All in one a promising project, hope to see more of it!

If you have an idea what I could add to the browser, write it here!

Report all your bugs and crash reports here!

No, seems like the dev has abandoned the project.

Please suggest your favourite radio station and the country the station is based in.

Thank you!

bonzi buddy confirmed?

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Of course. I have a Laptop with a Intel HD 620 (128 MB VRAM) and a i5-7200U (2.4 - 3.1 GHz) and the game was stored in an SSD.

It ran fine on the lowest settings (30 FPS)

The controlling of the camera was a bit weird. Try reworking the camera movement, it was too sensitive.

Sadly, my potato can barely run it. I think its better to not make a video of it. Sorry.

Just said that I am going to try out this game and that I am (probably) making a video on it!

I think it's too much talking.