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My absolute pleasure! ^^

Oh my gosh, I came up with this whole plot of love, betrayal, and theft. It was great. I had so much fun. And I escaped!!

I know there's not much room on the page, but having no prompts for the intro scene where the tailor arrives at court was a bit of a struggle. It wasn't a huge issue though--my character slipped past some performers and came in as a travelling tailor/merchant.

I like to sew, so having a game themed around embroidery was immensely satisfying.

I would like to report that I got a shy, nervous friend to try playing this roleplaying game with me and she really liked it! This game was a great way to push a newbie RPG gamer friend into trying something new. We played on a Google doc which worked quite well. I played the House. As a newbie to the horror genre myself, I found it a bit hard to think of appropriately spooky things to happen, but I found it a fun challenge. We played this game over several non-consecutive nights and it was always easy to pick up where we left off. So, yeah! This was fun. 

an update! I have finally sat down to play the full game--the zine version. wow. this game really dug deep. I really felt creative flow while playing. I enjoyed the four different game mechanics/mini-games (not sure what to call them). I went outside my comfort zone and actually sat down to make the collages--and I am SO glad I did. I feel more excited about making art than I have in years! what's especially neat about this game is that the Source theme really changes the dynamic of the sacred site you create, so this game still maintains replay-ability. I've been recommending this game to friends of various faiths and been getting a lot of "!!!!" reactions :D but you can totally play this game no matter your religious background. it's just a really nice way to connection to a sacred vibe, however someone might interpret that in the game or in their own lives.

(also, thank you tori for the collage supplies. that really helped! I also picked up the extra Source booklet, which had lots of creative unique options that I never would've thought of.)

I bought the zine of this game a few weeks ago. I am completely charmed. So far, I have sent a magical paper airplane flying through space to send a message to a friend, seen a floating city, and found a mysterious dagger. I have yet to go beachcombing (in! space!) but I am really excited to try. I'm enjoying the slow nature of the game too, because then it means I can play multiple solo journaling games at a time :P (the fox curio game is waiting for me on my shelf too!)

anyway, this game is chill and delightful. I defs recommend it.

Yay! Can't wait. 

Oh, YAY! That makes me so happy.
I'm excited to play it!

Oh my gosh, I was COMPLETELY charmed by this game. I got to romance a huge fuzzy spider! the only thing I wasn't sure about was if I was able to romance all the characters or only one. I didn't want a character to get jealous or mad at me. (I romanced two people anyway though because there are just so many amazing cuties.)

I've played this game like... 5+ times now, just to see the different storylines and endings! I really enjoyed this. And the art is really fun and beautiful! Thanks for making this. I really liked it.

That's really exciting to me! I was debating buying this $60 rulebook in order to adapt Wanderhome for solo play, but instead, I am gonna wait for yours :)

This game looks fabulous! I'm gonna wait for the print edition to come out. Was this game at all inspired by Wanderhome? I get a very similar vibe.

I finally sat down to play the game! this game gave me so many feels that I cried a little! (good tears!) this is a beautiful game. I can't wait to play the full game.

what a sweet game!

You're welcome! :3 I didn't do every playthrough but I hope the sun finds a friend <3

Aw! This was a sad one. But it was very well-written! Well done.

Yeah, all those suggestions are great! Thank you.

Yes, Twine was a fun way to start. :)

I made a Twine game and had a lot of fun. I think game-making would be a fun hobby to have. But like... how do I learn how to make games? There's so much to learn and I have no idea where to start.

I'm in school right now, and need to learn slowly too.

this was fun! :D