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This is NOT REALISTIC at all.. you're not supposed to handcuff civillians you're supposed to escort them out... also, your not supposed to fire a warning shot your supposed to just say "Hands in the air, Drop it" , the bombs are for the bomb squad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and only swat has flashbangs.... I know this becuase my Grandpa was a Police And Swat

i got the asshole ending by making the world a shittier place by not washing my hands so i spread E.coli and killed people!!! YAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

this fucking game man

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so i played it for 12 minutes and i will give it a 3 star i found this in the multiplayer section but when i played i expected someone to connect with me. Also, The bots were designed for practice but how can you practice when they are way too skilled, and finally THE CONTROLS sometimes you end up pressing the wrong button and then miss the ball and it's just wierd!

so the reason i would give it a three stars cuase I don't want to give it such a bad review no one plays i just want you to fix all of the problems to make it at least satisfactory for me..

maybe every night you have dreams of the people you sold weapons to and you fight trolls,goblins,witches,etc. so instead of just building you can fight as well!!