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Will you be releasing Caiden's Quest on Steam as well...thank you in advance for your time and congrats on release!

Will you be releasing Metanet Hunter G4 on Steam? I own your previous Metanet Hunter release on Steam and would love to see this one on there too. Thank you in advance for your time and best of luck with release.

okie dokie I love it!...I just bought Daemon Detective Gaiden II to show support and I really hope that someday soon you will release this amazing game on Steam..

please tell me you are planning on releasing this on steam, I purchased the first one on Steam and loved it, and would buy this one too on Steam in a heart beat!

Will you be developing the game further into a full release?..thanks in advance for your time, the game is awesome so far and would love to see it for sale on steam in its complete form :-)

Are you still adding steam achievements to Silver Grapple, you said you would be adding them and I was curious if this was still something that might happen. Myself and at least two of my steam friends have all agreed that if Silver Grapple gets achievements we would buy it. Thanks you in advance for your time and my fingers are crossed that you will still add achievements.

will you be releasing this on Steam Early Access? and if so, will you be implementing Steam Achievements?...thanks in advance for your time and best of luck with release, Redo looks fantastic and I look forward to getting lost!

Will this gem see a release on Steam?...p.s. keep up the great work

This is really a great game, are you still developing it into a full release?

just so you know, your game is under entertainment apps on the apple app store, when I assume it should be under games. I imagine that this has and would make it more difficult for people to find your game, my self included. I thought you might want to know since it would probably help with exposure if it were listed properly..btw I look forward to playing your game later today on my ipad.

I think this is a very fair request!

Any chance of a Steam release?..thanks in advance for your time

Do buyers of Roving in the Dark receive a steam key with their purchase?...thanks in advance for your time, the game looks fantastic!

that great news!...will you be implementing Steam Achievements as well?

Any chance of a Steam release? the game looks great!

Any plans for a Steam release?

I love Inc, one of my favorite iphone games along with the Meganoid series, is there any chance of Inc coming to steam, or even some sort of collection of the original Meganoids and Inc and other great iphone games of your's?

Any chance of a Steam release?

any chance of a steam release, and if so would you implement steam achievements? thanks in advance for your time.