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Thanks a bunch for the feedback man! Much appreciated~!


Yeah, I should probably put it on GOG too, hahah.

Ahaha! Thank you sir!

Funny, there's a few people saying that. Heheh~.


Something horrible has descended on your world Over the course of 4 weeks your population is diminished from 10 billion to just over 100 survivors. This is your extinction event.

However, as Empress, you cannot throw in the towel; no matter what.

Yeeeeeeeeeee boiiiiiiiii!

Forget killin' monsters. The beach awaits~.


Is this Nami? NAT?! Eyyyyyy~.

Thanks a bunch for playing my game~. So glad you enjoyed it!

Also yup, I am currently working on the demo for my next game now. Should be out soon~.

Highly pog rich.


Yo nice goose tho.

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Hi Neril. Thank you so much for the offer! I REALLY appreciate it.

But, I'm currently moving on to my next project and it's development is in full swing.

Between game deving and holding down my day job I don't have time to implement the translation. <X3

Again, thanks a ton for the offer. I appreciate you reaching out.

Sorry I can't do it at this time though. <: )

Dude, this games visuals are so precious. Dying of cute overload over here.

I have one criticism though... Why is there no option to give you money for this?! You piece!

Jokes aside, I really hope this project is still in the works. I'd definitely pick up a copy of the full release~.

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For me, Temmie's games set a new benchmark for quality expected in RPG Maker game visuals.

Temmie didn't set out to make a good RPG Maker game, she set out to make a good GAME.

Love the animated parts~.

Seriously, this inspires me to push myself harder in my work~.

Very effective spooks.

No cheap jump scares either, just good atmosphere and sounds.

Here in my backrooms...

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Really dig the vibe this game gives.

You really feel like you're in an unfamiliar place.

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he do be smilin' tho


Thanks for swinging by again. : )

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Daaaw shux, thanks man~. Really appreciate the kind words.

And glad it spooked you too~. Didn't expect the test image to get you though, hahah.

As for a continuation of the story, this game is (mmmostly) a one-off. However, if you're interested in the events, then Ara and the Empty Universe (my other game) shares the same "universe" as this game.

Different characters and story but, you may learn about some of the things you saw in this game.

Anyway, thanks again man.


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Game title: Our way down



Spirited away to some dark plateau, you find yourself lost, confused, and with no clear way out.
But hey, at least you're not by yourself.
Someone else is here sharing your predicament.
So, there's a +.
You're probably still in danger though so, you should get going.

Anyway, the game is free and lasts 25-40 minutes.

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Beautiful work.

I was never a fan of any of the Zelda games but, the graphical style lends itself well to atmospheric spooks~.

Something about graphics like this are really interesting to look at. Like the blood being a few circles with a trail behind them. I don't know how to describe it... Or when the (spoilers) grows out of the guys (spoilers). I think some people refer to this as "graphical fidelity isn't 100% realistic, so your mind fills in the gaps and makes it scarier." But, I'm not sure that's what it is exactly.

Something about seeing these simple models undergo horrifying changes and coughing up big, circles of blood feels ominous. I highly dig this. I hope you pursue this idea further and maybe expand it into a bigger game that you can put a price tag on~.

Regardless of what you do, best wishes.

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Eheh... You're welcome. <X )

I hope you like the rest of it~.

Played through the whole game.

Love the atmosphere, sounds, and visuals. The music at the start felt a tad over-dramatic since we were just beginning, but I get that you only had royalty free stuff to work with. No actual composer to fit the exact feel you were going for, had to work with what you had. NOT KNOCKING THE GAME THO! It was great! This is just a tiny niggle on an overall amazing game.

One more criticism tho.

How dare u not give me the option to give you a few bucks for this.

Heheh, looking forward to whatever you do next. <3

Heheh, no problem man.

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Saw a let's play of this by ManlyBadassHero (930,000+ subs, huzzah, good exposure!) and it was pretty spooky.

Very good atmosphere, nice work.

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Really good stuff~. Found it from a ManlyBadassHero video.

Good attention to detail and character behavior. I'll try not to spoil but, the events of the game make sense.

I like the ending too. Wish I could talk about why but, I'm not gonna spoil it for anyone else looking to try it.

One thing though, maybe give a bit more room for error in puzzles for your future games. The "bleed out" one has a pretty tight margin.

OOOHHHHH... Oh that's embarrassing, I looked the page top to bottom twice...

Thanks man! <XD

Hi, so I got a job and I'm no longer able to participate.

Is there a way I can withdraw? I'd hate for this to leave a permanent mark on my account. Like, "Submitted nothing for game jam."

Or does it not do that and I'm fine just not submitting anything?

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Love the vibe.
Horror AND intrigue on top of it. Also good writing~.

I don't always see that.

I see a lot of games that's just, "here's you, you're in a dungeon, get jumpscared, solve some vague puzzles that hint at deeper meaning, there's never any deeper meaning, and then we jumpscare you at the end."

I appreciate that your games have an actual story to them. Not just vaguely hinting at "dEePeR mEaNinG", but really having substance and something we can FOLLOW. A base story that establishes what we're doing, why, pulls us in with intrigue, and THEN layering some deeper ideas on top of it if you feel like it.

You really do KNUCKLE DOWN and actually WRITE a story. Excellent work man~. I look forward to seeing more from you!

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Took notes while going through this~.
Excellent work here. Great atmosphere, fun little mystery to piece together, good dialogue that borders on surreal and grounded, and the entire game itself feels like it's walking a fine line between grounded and surreal.
I dig the vibe and the unique threat facing the people of this town.

Kinda unnerving how all sources of information presented to you about the sun doesn't ever give you a full picture or any way to ever identify for sure when the sun will strike.

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(Warning, spoilers in this comment.)

Very cool mechanic with the calendar. Story was a bit spooky and mysterious, good stuff. Left interesting questions unanswered too; I like it.

Like, the "device" might have been what helped screw with time? What causes days to repeat? A mixture of Clockheart and the device? After the "ending", how much time passed once we left? What does the world outside look like?

Really enjoyed this~.

LOVE the atmosphere! The background noises like flickering overhead lights, good stuff~. And those nice, meaty footsteps, MMMM!
Love the light spooky vibe too. Nice for folks like me who can't handle horror well, but still want to experience it to some extent. This is that horror ATMOSPHERE that I dig so much, without me getting jump scared. I like it~.

Excellent work.

About to play your next 10- game too, looking forward to it!

Really dig the atmosphere~. Dark, gloomy, somber; I could see this being part of a horror game.

Ayyyyyy, thanks man~.

Hopefully the characters for my next game will be even better.

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Have not played this yet, but I just wanted to leave a comment saying I REALLY dig this atmosphere!
Glum, dark, rainy, and I love the pixel art~.
I'll definitely be sliding you a few bucks when I get this. The visuals alone deserve that much~.

I have not played this game yet, but I LOVE this atmosphere.
The pixel graphics, the backgrounds, the lighting, shadows, rain, it's all BEAUTIFUL.

LOVE this look!!! Great work fellas, I plan on giving it a spin later but, I just wanted to say that the atmosphere here looks dope ASAP.

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No prob man~.
And I hope you make a game you put a price tag on one day. You deserve it.

bruh.mp4. I like it, lol.

Really fun to move around in this game. Makes me feel like I'm in Attack on Titan a little, lol.

I like the slow-mo mechanic too. "Hold up, I overwhelmed myself and need a sec" button for me, heheh.

I appreciate that sort of mechanic. The game is skill demanding, but it's not sadistic, it'll give you a chance to correct.

Love the look of the game too. Great work~.