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Firstly, I wasn't looking at the bundle with the soundtrack, I was looking at the total of the game plus both DLCs, which before tax is about $40 CAD (which is about $30 US), but the bundle with the soundtrack DOES equal approximately $25 USD, so that's alright then.

Secondly, I know Steam is going to hit me with 15% tax as I'm in Canada, and I was hoping that Itch wouldn't, but I suspect that after conversion and tax it'll be about the same as it is through Steam anyways, only with more hassle. So I'm just going to go ahead and do it on Steam right now! Thank you for the answer! :)

Hello! I've been very interested in this game for a long time. I'd love to buy it directly from you, but also have it on Steam. It is considerably more expensive for me if I purchase it on Steam. Do you provide Steam keys if I purchase on, is it even financially feasible to do so (I don't want to cost you anything)? I can contact you over email about this if you prefer.

Hello! I purchased this game in a bundle, and am now unable to download it. Is it possible to get a Steam key?

Hello there!  I received the Astrology pack as part of a Humble game asset bundle, and the .efkefc files do not work for me.  They display simply a white box.  The pre-renders of course work fine, and I have other animation packs from you that work great, it is just this one.  I notice that the textures folder contains far more files in a different layout than your other FX packs, I wonder if that is the issue?  I also notice that there is two different (but apparently the same) texture folders included?  Anyways, I would love to get an updated version that works properly.  I can verify my purchase, and maybe you can send me an updated collection or give me a code to unlock it on itch so I can stay up to date?   Anyways, I'm sure we'll work something out.   Thank you for your time, looking forward to hearing from you! :)