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Played a solid 40 min to complete all the levels. The graphics are gorgeous, the controls are responsive, levels - challenging. Will be cool to try everything again with a friend in coop mode.

Trippy :D Nice controls, audio and visuals. Great job!

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Thanks ;) more variety of enemies are coming

Thanks for the feedback. I think I will change the controls a bit for the update.  And sorry about the mac version. I will try to fix it in the future also

I think in a month or two.  The majority of the content is done.  But I want to test and polish it a bit more. 

Oh why thank you, good sir. 


Hey everyone,

I'm excited to announce that my game, Red Riding 2045 (, created during the global game jam 2022 event in 48 hours, is finally releasing! It's an action-adventure set in a post-apocalyptic world where players control riders from the Red Riding agency, that delivers packages across the desert wastelands.

Thanks! That bug at the end is weird :D will try to fix it with the next update



It was kinda like a personal game jam :D I created the first version of the game in a week. Now I'm working on it in my spare time to improve and expand it.

Someday for sure :D Thanks for video!

Part two is coming! Thanks for the kind words!

Thanks! Nice video!

Thanks for the video!

Thanks! It means a lot! Hope you will enjoy the upcoming update! 

Thank you!


Glad you liked it!

Very great video! 

Will look into controls ;) maybe I could improve it

Thanks for playing!

Appreciate it! thanks

You're right about weapons :D In the update  I will change it

And a great video! Thanks

Thanks ;)

Glad to hear it!

Thanks. You can send me a message via Twitter @Barzdagames or just write me here ;)

Thank you for playing it! And for bug catching :D sorry about that

It was really fun to watch! Thanks!

Loved your video! Thanks for playing

Cool ;)

That's the plan :D 

Working on update - I will release all new content in one big update soon

There will be a massive update that finishes the game. I'm hoping to release it before Christmas this year. Sorry if I was not clear when posting this devlogs

thanks for the idea! Maybe it's possible to do 

Thanks. Working on it. 

Thanks! Awesome video intro you got there.

Thanks. I'm planning to finish it this year.