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you can make any genre?

if you wanted to play the fixed bug version you can download it here

i cant upload game during the voting session XD

Thanks for the Bug Report! i will fix it soon!

level 1 , i actually just passed level 1

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yea iknow, i already updated the game, but you know what? i think im too lazy to add the "Field of view" option XD, i just updated the file to "not the project"

well this is frustating XD, i cant see where the obstacle and player's light dont do much (i cant  see light on a obstacle in the left side)... and when crashed it restart to level 1?  i really hope planned additions to update soon to make this game playable XD

i have qwerty keyboard and i cant play this game because the control is messed up

XD actually im new to this site and this game is the first "full " game i upload to itch io, i just archive the folder project to rar and upload to this site so its playable, thanks to notice that to me,  i realize that i build the game in the wrong way!

:( info : if you wanna get happy ending you must find the treasure XD

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Hmm I never thought about the field of view before, but hopefully (if I'm not lazy) I will make an option to adjust the field of view for future players, Thanks!

thanks for the information dude, it means i can use unity for the game engine

is this gamejam only accept game engine mentioned in the main page ? (pico 8 and tic 80) or i can make it with unity or other?

I beat this game XD i beat it with : "Instantly kill enemy with all attack" but "Damage decreased by 1"(which is not make sense) lol sadly i dont record the gameplay