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thank you so much for updating <33, im glad there's more to come !!! please take your time and don't forget to take of yourself :)) amazing game, artstyle, and writing !!

ahh so excited for the full game! the demo is already amazing and the writing as well as the characters are great <3 please take your time, we're willing to wait and keep on supporting !

aaahh i love both of the characters sm! cant wait for the full game's release :D thank you for the hard work, the artstyle and story is amazing! <33

i know this was a long time ago but i don't get the discourse in the replies and the many downvotes on the original comment, im an artist myself and they mightve heavily confused it with being completely inspired by Bridgerton, but even if it was after Bridgerton had been released, there still wouldnt be anything insulting about it whatsoever. perhaps it was based on the style, setting, or some of the story aspects that coincidentally resembles the following series. and i dont think they meant to come off as backhanded or insulting, whenever i finish a movie or series i also tend to look for stuff that resembles it because its a current interest! yall shouldnt jump into conclusions so easily, im not totally sure but perhaps that was the commenters intention. :D

this game is absolutely amazing, the endings and the overall plot, as well as the character and background designs. i love the writing so much! so deep and well-written, but not difficult to understand or all over the place. ending 8 especially has my heart, very good and somewhat realistic given the situation. marvelous work!!! <33

this is just so absolutely well done! the character design, the backgrounds, the writing, the voice acting !!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOO HELLA GOOD! been looking forward for this game for a long time and now its just so worth it! the only downside to this game, is that it's too good! i love micah sm and i want more from him <33 keep up the amazing work! definitely raised my standards in men, as you should. <3

this is literally on my top 3 best visual novels i've ever read!!!! everything is so so amazing and spectacular, the artstyle, the characters, the story, the background designs, everything!! as a feminist and a hot lesbian girlboss, this is EVERYTHING!!!! HOPE U MAKE MORE STUFF CAUSE AAAAAAAAAA SLAYYY