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i know this was a long time ago but i don't get the discourse in the replies and the many downvotes on the original comment, im an artist myself and they mightve heavily confused it with being completely inspired by Bridgerton, but even if it was after Bridgerton had been released, there still wouldnt be anything insulting about it whatsoever. perhaps it was based on the style, setting, or some of the story aspects that coincidentally resembles the following series. and i dont think they meant to come off as backhanded or insulting, whenever i finish a movie or series i also tend to look for stuff that resembles it because its a current interest! yall shouldnt jump into conclusions so easily, im not totally sure but perhaps that was the commenters intention. :D


My heartfelt thanks! I really just meant to say something nice and something that would give people an idea of the game's style and theme. Maybe it came off wrong because English is not my native language but I still don't get why "inspiration" should be something bad when every creator uses it. The way I see it you can't create anything without it. But anyway - thanks again!