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thank you!!! i agree— i’ve had a couple moments where my partner remembers something that i knew i told them before but didn’t expect them to remember and it always hits me like “Oh right. Duh. We care about each other.”  it always feels good :)

this rules!!

this is so cool!! i love the idea of a postcard game, this is the first one i've seen :D

thank you so much !!

this is so lovely, thank you so much for sharing <3 i’m so glad it was helpful

thank you so much!!! this just made my day :D

thanks so much!

cannot believe this is from almost a year ago ??? just went back and reread it and my god sasha. you blow me away !! this is the type of writing that makes my eyes glaze over because it's seeing so deeply into them

just bought this at pax, can't wait to play it!!! shoutout to spies/hitman solidarity

thanks so much :] !!

glad to hear it!!

this is extremely good. awesome work.

Hi! I already posted links to two of my games in the thread, but I was wondering if I could link a book I published on here as well. Only asking because the post for the bundle says zines are welcome. This is the book in question, for reference: . Totally cool if not! Thanks :]

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fucking incredible as always. obsessed w ur work sasha, this ripped my heart out and bit it and then put it back. /pos. werewolf transgenderism

amazing amazing amazing. poetic and brutal and i love it

thank you sm sasha. that means so much <3

happy anniversary!!!