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No need for money, Rock Raiders should be free for everyone to enjoy! Keeping the community alive is more than enough for me :)

Borderless Windowed unfortunately didn't work so it was removed as a setting, sorry! I might investigate again in the future

I'm afraid a Switch version would be hard, but it's an interesting idea!

Please try re-downloading the game. If you can't progress, please try to create a clean, new profile. It is possible an old profile or old game files is causing this behaviour.

I'll look into Linux and Mac builds when I find the time!

It was removed, it felt like such an unfinished feature and didn't quite make sense because players could never know what counted for the score. Instead you have a crystal and time record saved, so you can race to beat your own records or compare with others if you'd like :) 

The original tutorials would take several months of dedicated programming work to implement, and it was decided it is too much effort just to replicate those when they wouldn't be very useful to the average player. They might happen in the future, but I would not bet on it, as the existing tutorials do the job fine considering all the new features that need to be explained.

V1.0 is released! Please enjoy :D

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Hello, if you go to the Pause Menu, there is a button called "Cinematic Camera". I should allow you to natively take cinematic screenshots from any angle :) I think there is a bug in the current build where it hides the UI though, if that happens please go to the settings and just click Apply and it'll show up again (fixed for next version)

It's an area we absolutely need to work on, hopefully it will be improved for the 1.0 update :)

Very neat little game! I couldn't find the last spirit though, the game became a bit of a maze after a while :) Also I reckon this is very hard for inexperienced gamers

Glad you like it! And it's only getting better ^^

It's possible that it either fails saving the file (no permissions) or it thinks there is no folder, see if you can create the folder "ManicMiners" in "My Documents", and then a folder inside that called "Levels", and try again

Glad you like it! Very near a 1.0 version now with all original features :D

Hi, it's more of a "fun feature" that level designers can use if they want :) You can place the Docks next to lava but the Cargo Carrier doesn't start with the upgrade. I might actually have to re-consider that and maybe make the Cargo Carrier start with the lava upgrade...

I'm glad you like the game! More updates coming soon ^^

Hi, experimental builds now contain Monsters and combat elements, feel free to check it out!

Thank you! It is made in Unreal Engine 4. Hope to see you when the next version launches!

Fog is possibly coming later, but you have full access to regular lighting settings in the Quick Settings menu in the upper right corner!

Hey, this might mean running the engine is not supported on your computer. Please consult the troubleshooting. If this is persistent, you might need to use another DirectX version. Currently the game supports DX11 and DX12, but I can compile for DX10 and DX9 too, even Vulkan and some older graphics methods. These will likely be uploaded as special versions here when I feel a "last patch" for V0.3 is ready.

Hey! No donations, sorry, I'm firm on that one. Keep up to date on the Discord with other ways to potentially contribute though!

My idea of a Randomly generated map requires a bit more balancing than simply making a random map, however if you look at the pinned posts in the Discord server's #modding channel, vyldr has created a random map generator that probably does what you want!