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Great update. Let's hope 2024 is better for you.

Amazing work as always, looking forward to the OS fix so i can hopefully run the latest.

Try my guide out: 

What a great game! Nice to see more specy next games. 


would you consider another physical release please?

Physical version?

so far reminds me of robotron, alien breed and gauntlet

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Really like this. Love the use of mouse and keys that works really well. I think it could do with some continue points maybe. I know its old school back to the begining but maybe a spawn when you die at the electric floor part. Also the game runs/plays better at 60htz over hdmi than 50htz over vga. I think with a killer atmospheric soundtrack this game could be awesome. i havent finished it yet...its tough,, :) 

electric floor is brutal may need tweaking?

i was finding it hard to get through the doors sometimes.

Love the slow mo mechanic

great demo though, really look forward to your progress with this. thank you

Great game for the spectrum next.

Love your games. Zetawing2 is wonderful.

We included it on our podcast:


Zx Spectrum Next Compilations - YouTube

Fantastic little game. Great gameplay and love the classic mode also.

Looking forward to my physical copy.

Brilliant as always. Could do with a little shield option, sometimes its a little unfair with the enemy fire. Oh, and did someone say it needs game music? haha. Awesome Job, Moon Patrol was one of my Favs on the Atari 2600.


(3) Zx Spectrum Next - Nexter issue 3 - YouTube

Awesome, looking forward to trying this out!

Brilliant as always, showing off what the NEXT can do in Basic. Videos to spread the word coming soon...   I don't get the name Hehe

Zx Spectrum Next Compilations - YouTube

Awesome shooter and in basic! Great stuff.

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Fantastic issue. Love the addition of the text adventure. And obviously the Next launcher coverage and interviews were excellent. Love the little music section also. Some great covers of an excellent games music.

Wrote a preview article for fusionrgamer. Please heck it out. DEAD PIXELS 2 – PREVIEW | Fusion R Gamer

Great game! Vallation for the Spectrum 128k - YouTube

Thank you, means alot. Looking forward to your next release!

Absolutely Fantastic game!...sooo good i had to review it. Hope you enjoy the video:  TCQ - a NEW zx spectrum game from - YouTube

Awesome version, huge fan of the original 2600 version! Really hope there is a collectors physical edition. Outstanding work!!

Great little version of the classic game

Love everything about this! What an exceptional specy game. It's going in my latest youtube vid!! Love it

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What a great game and Awesome music that fits the game perfectly. 

Loved Mr Do!

How about Bomberman NEXT! get it? lol, Ace!! Youtube vid incoming!!

This is so awesome!! More demos please!!!  Great meeting you at the retro computer museum!  This is going in my next vid!!


Space Splat - A great little basic game for the sinclair zx spectrum next home computer - YouTube

Awesome stuff!!

Man, so looking forward to this game when its done. I show off the game in my latest vid (or last vid of 2021) at 16:01 in the vid.

Retro & modern retro gaming news. BAPSTARCADE the series episode 5 #spectrumnext #retro #gaming - YouTube

Fantastic work!! Love it! Thank you for doing this. I have featured it in a few of my vids. :)

A fantastic version of Asteroids for the spectrum next and the spectrum 48k ,128k - YouTube

Episode 4 - Loads of zx Spectrum & NEXT Stuff, Retro & Modern Retro, Community Shoutouts, & more - YouTube

If I could code I would. :)

new video of just the gameplay up on the channel also. Hope you like it.

What an awesome take on scramble! Would love to see some extra level design like the original and some nextdaw music added! Fantastic little game, i will be featuring this in my next youtube video bapstarcade the series episode 3..please look out for it!!

Yeah i had used wavepad for that. In the end i tried a different drive to rip the cd and that worked! :) Cheers anyway dude

ok so i have tried all that i know to get the game to work and had no luck. Used Audiotap, tried different volumes, tried ripping as a wav then converting to .tap all i get is loading we r stardust and then i get corrupt artifacts. Using Vice emu. Any ideas? i know its a volume issue somewhere....

 there a tape file version available? I plan to load the game on a original 64 using my phone to load it as audio.?