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Thanks so much for the quick reply. The game looks pretty awesome but I'll have to pass for now if it's not solo-playable, but I still might give it a try someday.

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I already bought this game on Desura (*sob*) and then forced to rebuy on Steam when Desura went under and took our purchases with it. Is there any way to get it here (if I can prove I paid twice already) or do I need to rebuy it a third time? Regardless, I love this game and am at least very happy to see it available DRM-free once more!

Ha ha ha! Considering The Mansion Incident and this, I think it's safe to say I've found a kindred spirit in terms of favourite games/movies/media. :)

Care to go three-for-three and say you're a post apocalypse fan too? LOL!

Just discovered this by way of comments on biggayuniverse's amazing "The Mansion Incident" and as a fellow massive RE (especially classic RE) fan, I was very interested. Is it a traditional (GM+players) game or a solo game, though? Given the price, I didn't want to blind buy and not be able to play it alone! :)

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This is REALLY cool. I'm a massive Classic RE (i.e. RE1-2-3) fan, zombie fan and dungeon crawler boardgame fan, so this ticks ALL the boxes for me! Love the playing card layout idea, too. I also like how - although not stated - it's obvious that you can either make the game an immersive journal-writing experience (i.e. writing up various memories and encounters) OR just ignore the fluff and play faster by simply awarding yourself "Grit points" for finding teammates, etc. and get the same mechanics.

Some rules questions:

* How exactly do rolls of "1" work with clubs/spades where a bonus zombie is spawned? I assumed that you fought the zombie (like a club card) then re-rolled to fight/resolve the original drawn threat or trap, is that right? What if you roll another "1"?

* 7 of Spades: Does a roll of 1-2  (escaped subject)  only cause 1 Damage and  nothing else? Or do you have to fight that Club monster normally (i.e. the room becomes a Club room)? Also, do you replace the Club card (escaped subject) you drew into the deck before reshuffling or is it considered "played" and discarded? Or does the Club card you drew become one of the adjoining rooms when you check for doors leading from the menagerie?

PS The only mod I made to the rules as written so far was to have Red Herb + Green Herb = Mixed Herb (instead of 3 Green Herbs), with Mixed Herbs restoring 3 Health Tokens. I just preferred that for inventory stacking purposes and hewing closer to the source material. ;)

I wonder if it might be interesting to also play without The Nemesis and/or Beloved mechanics for a change of pace after a couple more games? Or making  new characters to play? Or starting with a "team" but increasing lethality? I love that even a lightweight game like this has  so much flexibility for modding/alternate modes/etc.

I DID have the  urge to hack THIS game into a city-wide zombie survival version or an "Aliens" sci-fi themed version, too. :)

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Thanks for the info. While  I don't dislike this lightweight version or regret paying $1 for it to support your work (the free supplement is worth it alone, IMO) I am *definitely* more interested in the full-blown original game. Is the version you discontinued similar to the free "WIP"  beta version that is still available? I grabbed that and have been quite enjoying reading through it. It holds up better than a lot of post apoc RPGs IMO. I'd be interested in  buying Peter's solo rules as long as the actual game was available but I'm wary of paying for them (or the companion) without a game, understandably, and would be disappointed if the original was gone forever.

Any chance of them coming to, maybe? I try to avoid buying there due to their watermarking and most of Peter's solo suppliments are available on his site... but not the Hope solo rules, sadly.

I'd also be interested in writing up a review and some fan material for the game on my gaming blog someday, if that's okay.

PS I  first learned about and got discussing the game and availability a bit here:

Just discovered this game! I'm a HUGE post apocalypse fan so  any game with such a setting - particularly the less "gonzo" ones appeal to me.

My question is, are there any plans for an official "solo mode" for this game? I discovered Hope via the solo rpg subreddit but obviously the game as written is a traditional pnp rpg. Post apocalypse games really suit themselves to solo play, I feel, and I'd love to be able to play Hope GM-less or even "alone".

If not, no worries... I am thinking of creating my own solo setup for it anyway! :)

Is this a "choose your own adventure" type game? A more complex gamebook? A solo boardgame? How long is it? I love solo games and the theme sounds really fun, but I'm hesitant to buy without knowing more about this.

Hi! Thanks for the reply (I forgot RADIX too, I think that had a shareware version?).

I just tried "inserting" Jill into your collection and got it working to return to the batch/platformers menu. If you need a hand with anything. please drop me a message or email; I'm an old DOS vet and grew up with these games as well as pretty pretty adept with DOSBox, and would be happy to help. :)

This is really a fantastic idea; reminds me of a modern version of those shareware CDs I used to buy in newsagents as a kid!

The main games I felt were "missing" were Commander Keen, Duke Nukem and Crystal Caves. I feel they are among the most iconic shareware games, after Doom and Wolf3D.

I would also love to see added (shareware versions):


Vinyl Goddess From Mars

Jill of the Jungle

Jazz Jackrabbit


Traffic Department 2192

Highway Hunter

Solar Winds

Is there a reason any of those could not be added besides personal preference? Just checking because I'll make a private patch that adds them for me if not! :)

I really wish the DLC was available outside of Steam, as I try to avoid that platform (I buy my games on GOG  or mostly) if I can.

Awesome news!  I'm a huge CYOA and gamebook fan, as well as a big fan of "survival" themed games and stories, so quite excited by this!

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Just bought this game an absolutely adore it. Great, simple and thematic rule system!

My only real complaint is that it contains just one "scenario" (rainforest plane crash) where I think two or three (island shipwreck, arctic expedition gone wrong, etc.), would help "sell" the concept better.

That said, the huge amount of flexibility in setting makes coming up with new stuff a breeze; I've already developed a fair bit of homebrew for it and am writing up more right now!

One big question regarding the rules, though: how would a "hunt" under the vanilla rules work? For example, if a player is hunting a deer? If a player has the Hunting skill, they'd normally get a +2 to their Challenge rolls... but the rules say that a Contest of two opposing living beings (in this case, a deer vs player) should only use a player's raw CD without any Fortitude or skill bonuses. Does that mean the Hunting skill (and others like it) wouldn't be used in trying to kill a deer but only - say - in tracking/locating it? What about if a player wanted a Sharpshooter or Unarmed Combat skill (they're playing a military character)? If they can't use those skills in combat, would any combat-type skills be pointless to the system?

CYOA with a survival theme? Sounds like my kind of thing! Would absolutely buy an English version if it's ever available!

This set is really awesome! I'd love to see more "Future Fantasy" themed packs for sale by you, especially more sci-fi characters, such as "Star Trek"-ish jumpsuit-wearing starship crew, space marines, or spacesuit-wearing astronauts or miners (think The Expanse, Alien, 2001, etc.).

Alternately or additionally, I would buy a "Post-Apocalypse Fantasy" (whether Mad Max or The Road in style) or even a "Dystopian Fantasy" (Logan's Run or 1984) pack in a heartbeat!

I know this was taken down due to Omega Modern, but I have two questions as a "completist":

1) Are ALL the assets from this older pack included with the more expensive, new Omega Modern pack?

2) Is this old pack still available anywhere to buy? Or downloadable for members of your Patreon like some other packs are?

Absolutely beautiful art style! Bought these awhile ago in a previous bundle, but was picking up the few newer ones not included then and wanted to post a comment on the original one too. Will happily buy any more TF packs you do!

One question though, which applies to all the Time Fantasy packs: since there is no "Lazy Tilesets" script included sadly, is there a guide to setting passability for all these sets anywhere? I looked on your site but couldn't find one, and it's a bit hit and miss setting them all up myself with guess-work. Just a screenshot of your recommended settings for each sheet would be fine.

Also, someone on another forum mentioned a multi-page pdf "tips on use" guide included with the Steam version of this pack... there's nothing in the download I bought, though. Was that a Steam exclusive or did I misunderstood what they were even talking about? :)

I already owned most of the Time Fantasy sets thanks to your previous bundle, and really love the style, but I wanted something sci-fi and/or modern day... just bought this and it's awesome! However, I was quite disappointed to see that there is no "bathroom stuff" at all in this set; there are always going to be bits and pieces someone wants that isn't included, but  a toilet, bath, shower (and maybe washer/dryer) are essential to a modern-day set IMO since you won't ever find those in fantasy tilesets. Any chance of these important objects ever being added to Future Fantasy (or as part of another TF pack), since I know you update your tilesets from time to time?

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Very interested in this, but want to be sure it would have most of what I need before buying it since it's quite pricey, though the style is gorgeous!

I am looking to develop a game set in the 1980's, so I like the idea of this old-school aesthetic, but would the assets look "Eighties" enough (i.e. can I create a mall, fast food joint, video arcade, cinema, etc.)? Think BTTF, Goonies  or ET for the type of settings I want to create.

One specific thing I need is the ability to have characters ride bicycles. Even if I'd need to edit the sprites, is there an (animated) "bike" vehicle/sprite included with this pack? I was also hoping for at least one video arcade machine and a "boom box", along with signage and possibly a cinema marquee...?