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Beautiful game.

Thanks! I made this years ago but it's always so nice to hear people are still enjoying it. :)

This game is wicked fun. I love the boost and shield mechanics! Great job Lunar Fox :)

I am a huge fan of this game. The writing is really compelling and so are the music and animations. I LOVE how they all walk and the punch and everything. And the story really got to me. Super impressive, especially for a game made in a few weeks.

You came up with a super interesting and unique idea, and the gameplay totally lives up to it. The thought that was put into the art, the descriptions, and even multiple deck types is amazing. On top of all of that, your rules document is incredible looking. One thing I might change is making the board and cards slighly different shades, to make things easier to see. Other than that, this game exceeded all my expectations. I'll definitely be playing this with friends!

Finally got to play this. I loved it. It really hit on some of my childhood (and some more recent) experiences in a way that other things haven't before. The writing, your art, Brandon's music all made me so enthralled by it. I can't wait to play whatever you make next Ryoma.