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Thanks for the feedback and for playing!

That's a really helpful description of the crash, I'm sure we'll be able to fix that. 

The repair crew should definitely protect all 4 sides, I'll take a look at that soon.

The click targeting issues is something we've been aware of, it's a more difficult issue to fix but it's important, and we'll try to get to it!

The insurance company payouts for protected buildings aren't intended, but I definietly support finding weird strategies, that has always been my hope for the game. I think it should be changed to only payout for destroyed buildings though, and thinking back, I can remember the moment I introduced that bug (unknowingly at the time).

Hover text for buildings has always been a goal, so hopefully we'll have time to implement that! A wiki is a good interim suggestion though.

Good to hear feedback on the auto-snapping system, I wasn't sure whether snapping back to origin, or snapping to the closest tile would be preferred. Thanks again for your help!

- ben