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quick and sweet

Wow ok, this is early early early.... there is nothing here. The sex scene is just switching between two static images with a little audio loop..... You can't even end the scene without closing the program, the sex scene soft locks you....

Hard to really say anything positive or even negative about something so early and barebanes.... I guess the art is nice, what little there is.

Oh I just looked at the release and last updated dates... This project hasn't been touched in over a year, probably dead in the water.

I think the most important points I mentioned were the ones you didn't have a reply to.

First, the need for a buffer between being grabbed and the grapple game actually beginning. Trying to run or jump away from something only for it to grab you and you immediately slam your icon into a hazard and instantly losing a grapple before you realize it even started feels really cheap.

Second, Ending a grapple (either by losing or winning (honestly it happens so fast it's hard to tell what's a win and what's a sort of neutral grapple)) and not having enough I-frames to escape multiple enemies is pretty rough. This problem is VASTLY magnified when trying to platform... I perfectly understand if you don't want it to be too easy, the difficulty adds to the eerie and terrifying tone. I'm merely pointing out that it could be a problem beyond just being hard.

I haven't played the update yet (and I might want to wait till after a few more updates, It depends on how I feel), but I have full confidence based on your responses to feedback that you are gonna keep at this and keep improving. I'm glad my feedback is useful, always a nice feeling knowing I've been heard and potentially helped smooth a promising game into a better direction with just a few words. Keep it up and remember to hydrate :)

Ok so this game is a pretty damn solid start. The atmosphere is bleak and spooky, the aliens are creepy gross and kinda terrifying, the gameplay itself is great (albiet with a few rough edges I'll go into), and the art is pretty solid. It was a legitimately heart-pounding and scary dive into an unforgiving abyss full of slimey rape-beast-plants....

As for rough edges, the jump is just too short for a few things that seem perfectly makeable (like when you activate stairs you can't quite jump to the platform from the second stair and you have to be on the very top stair), the grapple mechanic is a little hard to understand since it happens so bloody fast and what certain things mean are not explained BUT it can be figured out through a lot of brute force, the grapple mechanic happens so suddenly and with little warning or buffer that I will still have inputs from trying to move the character but I move her in the grapple game straight into a hazard and instantly lose, losing a grapple doesn't provide enough i-frames or anything to really avoid getting grappled again if there are more enemies, reloading the gun basically throws a few bullets away which I'm not sure if that's intended, the light-activated plants aren't properly signposted as invincible (like the armored pods are) and thus the first instinct to shoot at it ends up wasting like 2 clips of ammo, the light-sensitive plant also isn't super clear that light actually makes it aggressive at first (or maybe I'm stupid. Cause like, I saw the blinking light over it but it took me some time to realize the light affected the plant instead of the plant unpredictibly screeching at random), and the last unique plant thing right infront of the elevator that starts the credits is hard to avoid and jump over (I would walk into it's range a few times trying to get into the door and getting grappled by it puts you on the other side of it again. this might not've been an issue if I had sufficient ammo but I completely ran out at the end, ammo is sooo scarce)....

Anyways sorry for the lack of formatting and the massive wall of text. I really think this game has great potential and I really hope this feedback is helpful. I hope to see this game bloom into the game I think it can be.

Ok this game is cute as hell and the characters seem pretty cool. The writing is alright but the gameplay could use a little fine tuning, not sure how tho.... This is a pretty good start I think tho.... Not sure if this is still getting worked on but it looks good enough that I hope it is :)

Art style is a little weird and a lot of the art and menu design is kinda visually noisy. That aside It's hard to really tell what to say about what little there is so far.... Like I'm not sure cause I don't know enough about this game style to know if there's anything it needs to improve, and it might just not be my thing... The smut is ok if a little simple... I dunno mang

That's a pretty warm and straight-faced response to negative criticism. I respect the hell out of that.... If this game will be changing as much as you say then I may swing by for another look in the future where feedback might be more relevant.

As for the Ultimate Attack and Tease, I figured they might've been place holders. Eliminating enemies without using it is still viable as with good gear you can really dish out damage, but building an enemies lust without using the ultimate tease can get really annoying if not completely dangerous. The normal tease moves did like nothing and chewed through mana (which much like health, there are few ways to get it back, especially if the drops after battle are unkind (which they often are)).... Hopefully that's actually useful feedback at this stage, I apologize if I seemed too harsh before.

This was a pretty great little mini-sode. The art is cute, the writing is charming, the characters are relatable and endearing, the smut is fantastic, the music selection was weirdly on point... I decided to play this cause it looked pretty cute and hot, and I'm glad it delivered and that there is also a larger scale game like this in the works.

Rita is best birb :3

This is super chill and kinda wholesome in a sensual way... Doesn't look like this has had an update in a year tho so that's a little worrying :/

Except worse somehow. Legend of Krystal had a lot of variety and there was actually penetration and it was nice smut.... not the best animation but it was sexy and better than Tamer....

This game is a disappointment... the art looks good but when seeing it in motion it's stiff and life-less. Even the smutty interactions are uninteresting and not well made, there isn't even penetration most of the time..... Gameplay-wise it's also lacking as the only viable option is to either spam "Ultimate attack" cause it costs no mana and deals a buttload of damage or to spam "Ultimate tease" if you want to train the target for the same reason.... Menus are clunky and missing information in some places. The option to use a healing spell in combat doesn't work at all. The game has nothing of substance to it and feels like a chore to bother playing it.

I try not to leave entirely negative comments like this, but there is no option for me to leave a negative rating and review for this game.... Plus I can't think of anything that can be done to improve anything other than "fix everything" so yeah, sorry.

I see a lot of potential in this. The animations are nice, the characters are cute and sexy, the gameplay starts off pretty simple like the goal is to just be a human metronome, but with extra modifiers it can make the rhythm gameplay a lot more complex and challenging but often rewards you with more points to buy pin-ups.... Could use more content obviously, but this is a very nice beginning to a sexy little game here.

Also I just gotta say.... Samga is best girl. This Vitiligo cutie lives rent free in my heart now and she needs more love in this game (I'm mostly referring to how she and Pika do not have Endurance H-Scenes). I was thrilled when I went to the shop and saw basically all the things there were sexy pin-ups of her! Pika is smoking hot as well. The other two are nice but I feel they are more easily outshined imo, plus they need more smut of them in the shop.

What do you mean? Why would they not be able to read the comments?

a little Translation note: "Dice" is already plural. "Die" is singular for "Dice"..... So you roll a single die, and waiting 50 years gets you 10 dice...

Anyways. The game itself is boring and devoid of anything. I mean the atmosphere started out pretty creepy but you are literally moving in a straight line at the whims of random number generation. There feels like there's no real stakes. If you land on a skull space it's because you chose to walk onto it instead of counting the spaces and just refusing to move. Dieing is really just an annoyance, and even though we are told she is being tortured for every 50 years she spends, we don't see it or feel like we should avoid it. There is nothing engaging about this game at all, full stop.

Oh yeah, When I played it, it was a really common bug. I mean it happened to me several times over my playtime and it ruined the whole pace of the combat (which is a shame cause I loved the combat when the bug didn't happen). Not sure if it happened for others tho so I can't say much about that.

Good to hear it's already fixed though. Keep it up, don't forget to take breaks and hydrate. :)

I'll try to keep this short. I'm not really into Vore, and I picked the Endo option (which I can only assume has the least amount of gore and vicious imagery associated with eating people) as well as Consent and sexual content. I think I encountered all of the characters in the browser demo except I didn't engage with the elephant at all..... and I gotta say, even though it's not really my thing it was still an interesting read. I'm a little sad there was very little in the way of smut that isn't vore dependant: The only thing really was choosing to suck the Futa Slime's cock. I imagine the experience is way more enjoyable and in depth if the reader actually had a vore kink and picked the more visceral options that might have extra content.

That aside I just wanted to mention a few things. So the Swamp area literally goes nowhere, I assume there will be another character there in the future tho? I was also expecting more ambient sounds to play, like music in the bar scene or cave sounds in the cave.... Missed opportunity for more ambiance. There is no option to walk away from the bar once you approach, but one can simply scroll up and pick a past option to change that it's not game-breaking..... And Finally I just wanna say I audibly chuckled when you go to pick "something else" from the bar and the Bartender get's really horny, just to have him turn flustered when the option is for tap water... it was *chef's kiss*

TL;DR: Vore is not my thing but I still found the writing interesting and well done. Good Job :)

I came expecting a horny time... What I got instead was a wholesome and adorable little story.... I liked it, good job :)

I remember playing the Demo when you posted it to Reddit a while ago. Can't remember if I gave feedback or not so Here goes.

I like the combat system and how time slows to a crawl when it's your turn to act. There seemed to be a bug though and after finished attacking time would slow to a crawl for way longer than intended (can't remember exactly but like 20+ seconds to a minute maybe) before I'd get a chance to act again. The Reforging mini-game was fun but some of the prompts were not clear on my first few tries. If memory serves, I liked the writing, there was a lot of thought put into their biology and culture which made the "H-scene" dialogue interesting as she softens more and more as she's aroused.

Basically this is interesting, and I'll try to keep an eye on this awaiting more content and stuff :)

Oh so my only gripe is already fix and likely a non-issue. Perfect! I'll try that link later and will likely support this project in the near future. Excellent Stuff!

This is pretty good.... I think Yu walk a tad too slow for my taste tho..... The Art is really cute and the writing isn't bad, it's no masterclass in flowery descriptions but it's pretty good, helps fill in the blanks for the sex scenes. The scenes are pretty nice but could use more art maybe like cumshots with Mona and Xav.... And the Breeding worms had no art tied to them at all sadly....

I'm gonna chalk most of that up to being an imcomplete Demo. (I only played it in browser as of this comment) I imagine that with more art in the sex scenes and more inhabitants to interact with you've got a good base for something pretty sweet. Good Job :)

Wow, Just Wow..... Just played the Demo, not even to completion but still WOW..... The art is great, the music is soothing, the writing is phenomenal and naughty. The animation for the H-scenes are interesting, instead of going for just a few loops or still images and calling it a day you've added little variations as the scene progresses..... Changes in expression, shifts in pace.... It's subtle things like that that really make the scene stand out to me. I love it....

My one and only issue tho: The grey text is just a smidge bit difficult to read sometimes. I mean that might be resolved already, or it might be more readable if a actually fullscreened the game (which I did not) but it made reading the gorgeous descriptive text just a bit harder.... Honestly with that being my only gripe about the Demo, I'd say that really speaks volumes to how much I enjoyed it. I'm definitely gonna keep an eye on this.

Shame the Demo didn't show any other parts of the game but I'm certain that if you gave it even HALF the attention to detail that this Demo had then I'm certain there is nothing to worry about :)

  1. Ok I just played the Web Demo and I definitely have some feedback, like a bunch of it really. So far I think it's a good start: The art is cute, the sex is hot and well animated, the gameplay is rough but not so terrible it can't be improved upon. Visually, I think Max moves too slow and what is supposed to be a "chase" is more like a leisurely stroll, I understand that if he actually moves too fast then the levels will be much shorter and easier, but I'm not convinced Max is really trying to set a good pace, Basically if his animation had a bit more "hustle" to it that'd feel way better.

    Gameplay-wise there are a few things that make the game more difficult than I feel it was intended for. First off his punch and his slide: The punch has just a bit too much time before you can punch again meaning if there is an enemy ahead that takes two or three hits, it's increasingly hard to deal with if there are other threats on the screen. The slide is also the only way to deal with certain enemies and sometimes it simply wouldn't activate, like there seemed to be a LONG cooldown between the ability to slide then slide again but there would also be times when I needed to slide but the slide didn't happen despite not having slid in a while... Additionally there seems to be no way of defending Max from an attack from behind aside from burning a special attack, the punch only goes forward and so does the slide, not to mention you don't have much time to react anyways. Breaking out of grapples also feels very clunky and slow, after hitting a button the player has to wait for the animation before the next one shows up and can be pressed. On the surface this may not seem like an issue but the amount of waiting means no matter how quickly you can accurately press the buttons to "mash out" of it, you are forced to take on a certain level of corruption. Again, I understand that it's supposed to be a challenge and an obstacle but it feels sluggish slow and unresponsive and even unfair.

    Now the Sphynx's riddles were.... definitely unfair. I had to brute force my way past that, thankfully you made it checkpoint right before so the player didn't have to replay all of level 2, so good job. I'm gonna discuss each question in order:
     1. Never saw a cactuar cause I was busy dodging all the horny enemies, I guessed it right first try tho and it might've been my fault so I can't really say anything about it.
     2. Ok I'm forgetting which question was which now but I think the second was about how many elves were on the starting image, I remembered 3 so I was wrong for a while. I went back and saw another elf inside through a window and it took me a while to find the fifth..... the fifth elf was BEHIND the TEXT BOX on the roof. incredibly hard to see. Kinda unfair but whatever, moving on.
     3. This gave me trouble as I didn't remember seeing any animal at the start, like ever. I went back to the beginning and there was a bird on the first screen but it was nowhere near Max and it wasn't the answer. Turns out the "Pony" was a stuffed pony in the tent at the start of the first level... not really an animal and arguably not really the beginning either, so maybe the question coulda been more clear.
     4. Ok this one was absolute bullshit (pardon my language here but it's true), The question itself was difficult to understand but I think it was asking what color the "Bee" enemies were from the first level. Instead of options like "Orange" or "Blue" you seemed to put in these really obscure color names to choose from. It was like it was in another language, how is a player supposed to know that? It's not even a case of "I don't know so I felt stupid", it felt more like you expected players to have a catalogue of paint samples with fancy color names they could consult. That information was in no way available to the player!
     5. The final actual question also confused me as I had never seen Max have writing on his shirt.... Ever.... I can't go back up to replay and check to see if his shirt magically changes in sex scenes, but if it does then you seriously underestimate change-blindness which is a real psychological phenomenon.... Anyways, I guessed it right first try, but wow did this one also feel like unfair bullshit again...

    Anyways, If you read this I want you to know I enjoyed the game despite all the problems I found. I think with a bit of fine-tuneing here and there (and obviously more content filled in, but you already know that I imagine) you've got a fun and sexy little game here. I'm not even usually into femboys but most of the enemies are Futa so I still quite enjoyed it in that reguard. Sorry if this feedback is a bit of a ramble but I felt like it could be used to improve maybe. I'll be coming back from time to time to see how this project moves forward. Peace.

Ok I just played the Demo, But I gotta say the art is fantastic and the game so far is great albeit a little bare-bones (but this was just the Demo). I wasn't expecting Lust damage to be as much of a problem as it was, like the enemies are more likely to do lust attack and do massive amounts of it. And a Lust-Breaked Party member is such an unpredictable inconveinance, and the fact that there is very little that can be done about it hurts all the more...... Was pretty hot tho.....

I especially love Mouse. She is really sexy, though at times it sounded like her voice was being filtered and the filter was crackly or something, I dunno.... But yeah, All of the Mouse animations were spectacular <3