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its not full, but we are looking for a music/sound person

The games art looks beautiful, I wish I could make pixel art that good for my own games

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Hello! I'm fairly familiar with Unity by now and have dabbled in coding with C#, I'm not the best with art as I believe it will end up taking me too much time. I'm most comfortable with coding and design, I am in no way familiar with 3D modeling, and also haven't tried animating yet, neither music.  This is my first game jam that I'm taking initiative to join. I'm still learning and feel like joining a team for this jam would be a great opportunity for me. I do not work full time as I'm a student. Afternoons on week days work best for me, as do weekends as I'm 100% doing nothing on them days. Can't wait to start! Hope I find a team! My discord is bananapix#7976

(Edit) I have found a team to join