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literally gonna cry my myself to sleep because i cant play this mastapice! :(((

Hey m8! I just published a GLES2 version now! I hope it works, if it doesn't please let me know so I can take a look at it! 

Thanks for the interest btw! :D

I have also used lmms in the past (used it for the music in the short revolution game) but I dont like how the program completely cuts off sound as soon as the note finishes. It sounds really unnatural and stiff imo :/ thanks for the suggestion btw :)

I would love to! :D just need to upload the version as soon as I get home, which is in maybe 3-5 days I believe :/

Thanks a lot m8! I wont stop making games anytime soon haha ;)

Do you have any recommendations for a free music program? I have tried a bunch of progrums but all of them were even more limiting than beepbox :/

Damn, I wont be home until maybe a week so I wont be able to help you now unfortunately :/

Curious to know what operating system you use and since you seem to know godot quite well why open gl 2.0 would fix it? 

Thanks for telling me and for the tip! :D

Bananaguy is a tight platformer game simmilar to Celeste that I have been working on for some time. There has been a little speedrunning community around the demo of the game and Im very excited to finally release it! :D



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Sorry m8 it's a really weird bug that only some people get for some reason. I am working on a big update coming in maybe about a week and hopefully I'll be able to fix it, but until then I sadly cannot help you :(

Edit: Btw If you have a laptop maybe try the game on that instead of your pc because I think it might work then for some reason. If you do try it please comment if it works 

Ahahahaha xD If I ever update the game, this will definitely be added in some way haha :D

This made my day <3 I'm very glad you like it! :D I hope you have a fantastic day m8! 

Thank you for the feedback! I absolutely agree that the game is a bit too short. However I'm happy I focused on polish rather than content since in the end what matters most is how good the experience is imo anyway.

I just woke up read this and now my day is already perfect. This is the nicest review I have ever read, thank's a billion mate! I hope you have a fantastic day! :D

Thank you! :D This gets me to wonder how the game would have turned out had I spent the second day on gameplay instead of audio...

ahahaha thanks m8! :)

I just woke up read this and now my day is already perfect. This is the nicest review I have ever read, thank's a billion mate! I hope you have a fantastic day! :D

Thank you! :D

Thanks! I wish I was a better programmer because then it could have been thousands of followers instead of a hundred like it is now haha. Glad you liked it! :D

Thanks! :)

Really cool game. Awesome soundtrack and art. There were a few bugs but overall a great experience! :)

Thats awesome! I'm really glad the music worked even though it was my first time writing music! :D


Thanks a lot m8! :)

Nice game! I had a few problems with the controlls and the audio just dissapeared all of a sudden however it was enjoyable! :)

A nice mechanic that was well developed. This is an all around nice game! :)

IN 4 HOURS!!?!?!? HOW!?!? thats insane... well done m8!

I am truly amazed that you were able to make all of this in just 48 hours... Congrats m8! 

This is addicting... I like it! :D

This is awesome! A brilliant idea well developed. This is just a great game! :D

Thanks! I tried fixing the font however I would have to set up a new rendering system just for the font which would just take to much time. Thanks for the feedback!

I'm really happy to hear spending an entire day making sounds actually somewhat paid off :D

thanks! Just a few sleepless nights and some crying and everything is possible haha! :)

Thanks for playing! Im glad an entire day spent making sounds wasnt a complete waste of time haha :) I'll be sure to check yours out too! :)

thank you! :)

Thanks for playing. I'll be sure to check yours out too :)

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That's not a bad speedrun :) 

I was originally just going to upload this game and stop working on it for a while, so that I can work on other projects. However you guys have convinced me to keep working on it now hehe.

Thanks for the feedback and especially the video. Videos help a lot! :)

Maybe I should implement a leaderboard for peoples times so you can see other peoples speedruns in the game. Might be fun...

Did he say what about the controls was bad? Glad you liked it :)

Thanks a lot m8! Watching someone play your game is probably my favourite part of making games :D

I'm really happy you seemed to enjoy it!

Nice game! Hej från Göteborg btw :)