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No way for now. You can cheat by enabling dev mode in options and pressing F3.

I will consider an option.

One pyramid thing is still there, in an old hub world. You just need to find old hub world first.

Thank you, glad you like it.

Some items are not available in multiplayer yet, sorry.

Hi, thank you for reporting. You are using itch-app,  I assume. I just uploaded a hotfix. Please reinstall the game.

Had no audio related issues with itch app, sorry.🤷‍♀️

Yes, you can donate now and have the game. I still didn't made the switch. Sorry for confusion, I edited the post.

Thank you!

You are good.

Thank you.

Press windows start menu butto, type in %appdata% and press enter. Find "ydg" folder and "logs" folder inside it.  Is there files in it?

Also, are you using Itch app? If so, press right mouse button on Launch button, then "open folder in explorer". Then try running ydg.exe.

Please send me log files at

they are located at C:/Users/<USERNAME>/AppData/Roaming/ydg/logs

Thank you very much!

There is a chance in some distant future. At current state it will be buried by reviews and recommendation algorithm I'm afraid.

This may happen if game's directory path contains special characters or non-english letters. Please check if that's the case and move/rename folders if needed.

If that doesn't help, please send me log files at

they are located at C:/Users/<USERNAME>/AppData/Roaming/ydg/logs

Thank you.

Please send them to or troubleshooting channel at discord. Make sure to attach log file too.

Thank you! There will, stay tuned.

Also, please try starting a new game if you played previously, as last update beaks the save data.

Sliding is also a result of no collision bug.
please send me log files at

they are located at C:/Users/<USERNAME>/AppData/Roaming/ydg/logs

nicely done!

Hi thank you. This might be the problem with non-english or special characters in game directory path. Please try copying it to another location.

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please send me log files at

they are located at C:/Users/Jbustter/AppData/Roaming/ydg/logs

Hi, that's an odd one. Can you specify your hardware and system specs, also what does fps number in the top left says?

fixed. You may need to redownload the game.

Hi, you are using itch launcher? Seems like it picks wrong executable. Thank you for notifying, I will look into it.

For now you can open the game folder and launch ydg.exe.

Hi, thank you. May I ask you what GPU you have and what number FPS meter shows on top left.

Hi, thank you very much. I still work on Yedoma Globula as much as I can. Researching and building better tech. Please stay tuned.

Thank you!

Yeah, because terrain collisions are done GPU, but physics runs on CPU. The actual math is trivial.

There is no meshes (apart form man made stuff), no voxels, no terrain representation in the memory whatsoever. It's like I'm generating the world in every pixel to render it, and around each physics object to calculate collisions. Everything is generated on the spot. That way I can animate whole world, or have limited number of local deformations.

No voxels, I use distance field ray marching. I wrote an article a while back, it describes some of the tech, not the terrain deformation though.

Fog is important because it helps convey the distances through areal perspective

Draw distance is not a performance concern (for now at least).

Hi, thank you for feedback.

There is a flashlight on key 1 and flare launcher on key 2. Your position in the world defines the destination of teleportation, use visor thing on key 6 to observe the destination.

It is not very clear, yeah, I still working on it.

To make things a bit simpler for me during development. And i'm not very good at linux, though, I try to use open source software as much as I can.

Thank you. Pixelation is due the rendering optimizations I use. Someday I'll add higher graphics settings for people with top level GPUs.

Thank you!

Hi. Do you see regular dialog, that Windows shows on any executable downloaded from internet, or something extra? Spinning in circles can mean, that game lost the input. Don't know why it might happen is sandbox mode.

Thank you!

Nice. Thank you.

Black sphere in the center of x-ray is your position. All other spheres should be terrain features. Later I will add resource searching to this thing.

Yes, but on much later stage. For now I want to focus on one platform to make things easier.

For now you should try it with wine. It uses OpenGl, and it runs under wine very well.