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Thank you!

Yeah, because terrain collisions are done GPU, but physics runs on CPU. The actual math is trivial.

There is no meshes (apart form man made stuff), no voxels, no terrain representation in the memory whatsoever. It's like I'm generating the world in every pixel to render it, and around each physics object to calculate collisions. Everything is generated on the spot. That way I can animate whole world, or have limited number of local deformations.

No voxels, I use distance field ray marching. I wrote an article a while back, it describes some of the tech, not the terrain deformation though.

Fog is important because it helps convey the distances through areal perspective

Draw distance is not a performance concern (for now at least).

Hi, thank you for feedback.

There is a flashlight on key 1 and flare launcher on key 2. Your position in the world defines the destination of teleportation, use visor thing on key 6 to observe the destination.

It is not very clear, yeah, I still working on it.

To make things a bit simpler for me during development. And i'm not very good at linux, though, I try to use open source software as much as I can.

Thank you. Pixelation is due the rendering optimizations I use. Someday I'll add higher graphics settings for people with top level GPUs.

Thank you!

Hi. Do you see regular dialog, that Windows shows on any executable downloaded from internet, or something extra? Spinning in circles can mean, that game lost the input. Don't know why it might happen is sandbox mode.

Thank you!

Nice. Thank you.

Black sphere in the center of x-ray is your position. All other spheres should be terrain features. Later I will add resource searching to this thing.

Yes, but on much later stage. For now I want to focus on one platform to make things easier.

For now you should try it with wine. It uses OpenGl, and it runs under wine very well.

Thank you. I'm pretty sure my hacky GPU physics gets somehow broken by OBS. You can try different screen mode or capture settings.

That would be interesting to investigate, but I never had this problem capturing all my vids with OBS.

Thank you very much!

Vsync is enabled with -v launch parameter.
Unfortunately I can't promise VR support in any foreseeable future. It is not in my scope, and I already made some technical decisions, that will probably make it even harder to implement.

Check out Sheltron's Rta:

Or try getting access to CoralVR (I hope, it is still alive)

Hi, Thank you very much.
Yeah, it's kind of shame how old this demo got. I really want to update it, but something always keeping me back. I hope, it will worth the wait.

This version already have an editor in it. You can even tweak the shape of some fractals in it.

Thank you very much. 

Really cool game. Love the style and mood. Two complaints: 1) Sometimes text is skipped  too quickly and I couldn't read it. 2) Death gets you back to tutorial flight scene. It's better to skip it and respawn player at landing site.

Спасибо, что зашли.

Hey, you did Little crane, I've played it back on 4s.

Thank you for feedback. I have chap fake shadows:

Sure,  precise shadows would be great, but they are too expensive, and then you will want volumetric light shafts, which is also super expensive. There are ways to optimize it I can think of, but don't want to dive into this rabbit hole yet. My lights already are a bit pixel shader heavy.

Whoa, never thought  such neat puzzles could be generated. Nice game.

I think this one might be impossible.

Thank you. That was really interesting and inspiring.

Fun game. Generally feels good. But looking for last few enemies is not fun. Creatures and environment for some reason gave me a very first X-com vibe. 


No data. Everything is real time. I can change parameters on the fly or even animate the thing.

Hi, thank you very much for feedback. Yeah, falling into small holes sucks. I should experiment with other means of traversing terrain, like grappling hook, ice axe or different jet-pack mechanics.

For now you can press f5 and fly around like in old demo.

That graphic glitch may stay for a while until i figure out how to better deal with it.

Super nice.

Hi, thank you. Check out new version with physics and collisions.

There will be music and sounds someday, I am already collecting material.

Hello folks, Hi  Jeiel, really cool tool you made. I played with it for some time, and I have an idea I want to toss in. It seems to me that Sprytile's paint mode could be suitable for trim texturing. Namely, the technique described in this GDC talk:

The Ultimate Trim - texturing techniques of Sunset Overdrive

Discussion of this technique on polycount

The only thing Sprytile lacks is custom padding lines.(Like for example: I want padding lines only after 1st, 3rd, and 7th row.) Since padding is essential for beveled edges. It is also useful for varying sprite size in single atlas. For example, I have two rows of 16x16 sprites, then one 32x32, then one 64x64. Grid size would be 16x16, but padding lines should be only after 1st, 2nd, and 4th row.

Hi Xananax, thank you very much for posting. Glad you liked my stuff. I’m constantly looking for new shapes and formulas. You can see some of those experiments in my twitter:
As for gameplay, there could be exploration, stations docking and traiding, search for interesting stuff, search for routes, maybe some combat, maybe some limited digging. I’m sure, I can’t disappoint you with gameplay, because you liked NMS, ha-ha.

But there are some technical challenges I have to solve before I’ll be able to do do gameplay.

And thank you very much for checking out my demo!