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I like it! Definitely feels hectic. I'd like to play this on a phone with a much smaller grid. Good job

Nice concept. I found it pretty difficult, couldn't get past the second screen.

Thanks Sygmei! I know, there are a couple of bugs like that. I didn't get much time to work on it this month. After voting is finished I'll upload a new build with some fixes.

Thanks Chris! You're right, I know it's quite difficult. I'm still deciding whether the remaining blocks after completing a word should continue to fall down or not.

Thanks, Northburns!


Thanks for taking the time to play and comment, pfail! Really appreciate it!

That's fixed now! Sorry about that!

Thanks for playing, Gresse! Which OS + browser are you using?

That was it! Thanks very much. It's such a charming game, I hope it does well for you!

Unfortunately, it's not working for me. I run the exe, see the main menu then select start game but only see a blue screen with four white dots in the corners. Am I missing something?


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It helps to jump right after dashing onto a blue circle. The jump is also more like a boost, you can hold the button for ~1 second to get a bit more height.

Thanks for playing!

Yeah I just tried a lot of different rules until something looked vaguely organic. Thanks for playing with it!

Thanks! I've added the rules!

Just uploaded the Windows version, enjoy!

Sure! I'll add it tonight!