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This combines my love of 80’s indie music with a really cool idea for a game, and is just the kind of game I’ve been wanting to make myself for ages. So thanks for saving me the effort! :D

PS. Nice job on approximating The Jesus & Mary Chain (et al) there..

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Looks like it’s broken on Catalina, thanks for letting me know! I’ll start looking for a fix..

Great! Resolution is 1440x900

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Wow. I agree with what everyone else was saying, but one of the things that I want to mention is, this is exactly the kind of scope I’d like to have for a jam project, but often struggle to achieve. A simple design in itself, that’s fun to play but is still a fully realised game, with the audio, visuals, story and mood to match.

So, like Yori said - a perfect little game. Congrats!

PS. At least in the Mac build, some of the lower bubble text was obscured, and I couldn’t find a way to scroll it.

Thanks for playing! :)

Once I figured to use space for jumping (might need to add it to the in-game instruction) this was pretty fun! The story cards and the setting were my favorite part of this!

This is really cool! Lovely story and visuals and great music - the mixer interactions must’ve been fun to make!

Hey, this was fun - nicely done :)

Awesome game! Nice graphics and is real smooth and simple to play. One of the best "rogue with graphics" I've tried.

Nice one, really cool graphics and mood.

Really cool game! I like the simple movement, and some of the enemies were fun, running away from you and then turning back to attack.. Also the gender switch on every other play is a nice feature.

I was going to make something similar but couldn't finish the game. I second Jupitron's comment below, would be fun doing some fx/music for stuff like this!

Nice! I had two versions of this myself, but couldn't finish them - looking forward to trying out yours!

Thanks for trying it out! I'm working on a post jam version that will fix the day end bug and add some features..

I cobbled this together on the last day of the jam, after abandoning a bigger project - so will need to take some more time with this :)

Really enjoyable, nicely tiled graphics too!

Really nicely done. The battle mechanics were just the kind I like in a game like this. I dunno if you were going for a hyper-retro feel with the messed up font, but it's the only thing that bugged me.. Otherwise, great - looking forward to a post jam version..

Really cool game, very nice touch on the graphics!

I loathe rhythm games (I'm a drummer) but I had to try this one - glad I did :)

Thanks a lot for trying it out!

@Stuck East: No, there's no progression, but yeah, I did originally plan to get more in there - like the hobos would melt in your car and start talking, the car would freeze and would need some booze to get started or something.. Thanks!

Haha! This was great - gonna give me nightmares though..

Nicely done - I liked pretty much everything about this. Especially the mood and the puzzle design.

What are the skeletons chewing on?

Nice prototype there - especially liked the humor! Coding RPG's for game jams is tough, tried it myself and failed :)

Probably won't be able to finish this in time... Here's a screenshot of what might have been.

Random Game Seed: 75050798910
Random Game Idea: A roguelike game where you escape breakfast, and, wait for it... robots!
Qualifiers: Genre locked to roguelike
Title: Hotel Rouge
Idea: You are a travelling software salesman, staying for a night at the notoriusly dodgy Hotel Rouge. You were warned not to go to the breakfast buffet, but you did anyway..