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Thanks GunShot :).  Appreciate the feedback.  There's definitely a skeleton of a game here that I'd love to revisit sometime to flesh out.  If and/or when that happens I'll try to remember to let you know.  Thanks again.

It looks amazing. Couldn't figure out how to start the game...don't know whether it's on my end or not.

Fantastic game. It's like lunar lander and minecraft had a baby. Loads of fun. little idea. I'm much worse at it than I would have imagined :)

Great work...funny little idea. Controls nicely. A score counter/health bar is a must, but I imagine you were planning on adding those. Love the menu transitions.

This is the art and music. Punishing difficulty even on medium. Maybe tone down the number of particles as it's a little busy..still keep some to maintain that illusion of speed. Really great work.

Thanks Tabbot. Yeah, it's very rough. I feel if I ever get the time to revisit something like this, it'll be much improved. Glad you got something out of it though.

Thank you very much...and I agree...sorta ran low on time near the end, but it definitely needs some more user feedback.