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Really enjoyed how the game played and the art style, just wish the 5 die wasn't useless because the only people who can use it are Xephos and Sharky with the "free kill gun" but it's to high of a number so they just hurt themselves. Also it's really weird how you knew all these Yogscast references but you went and spelt Lewis's name as Louis.

Very enjoyable racing game would very much love to see this game finished if your willing to after this game jam. Also missed opportunity to add Simon's Trucking  Tuesday honk for your karts horn. ;)

One of my favorite games here for this game jam, glad to see I wasn't one of the few people who liked this Yogscast song. Only thing I think needs tweaking is the level design because I had to quit on level 7 because there's too many variables trying to hit 4 Zombie Pigmen with 1 present on such a big level.

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"If I flip the Pizzas, Mr. Aziz will flip out!" - Pizza Parker 2004 or "I hope she made LOTSA SPAGHETTI!!!" - Mama Luigi 1994

Nice Meme, fun game nice voice acting and spaghet physics very enjoyable definite 5 star.

I like the initial concept of they player interacting with your "character" on the TV giving him several things he might "want".  The atmosphere is fairly effective at being creepy with how the room and art is designed. However the guy on TV acting is a little poor plus there's one scene were the cameraman randomly laughs which kind of ruins the immersion\creep factor and that fact that items you can give easily repeat leads to the game play become too boring very quickly.

Very nice looking game about Yogscast Festag that has happy music, scenery, and a quirky art style. Just a little confusing at the beginning because it doesn't tell you can double jump and its hard to see that light that tells you if you activated those internet boxes or not.