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Yay I beat it! It's a really interesting game. I definitely think it would've been a lot harder to ramp up in it if I hadn't played Wizard Chess 1 a lot as well. 

I like how over the course of the game, the value of resources changes. At first money, growers, shops are the things you want to go for but by the end I only cared about triggers and easier fights. 

I don't know how I would be able to beat the game without the Precise bonus which gives +1 range to my ranged units for the first 40 turns. It made so many fights so much easier. I kept choosing to the swamp terrain because then I could just position my ranged units in the middle and just pick off any enemies that tried to approach. Late game must be a lot harder without it

Back with a psychic weapon ending! 2 down 4 to go!

Got a necromancer ending! (itch isn't letting me paste the photo).

GG! It was fun, I managed to pivot from being an archer to necromancy once I unlocked that skill. Man I was so stressed that I wasn't going to be able to master necromancy before being drafted :P

I forgot to screenshot again, but I did it! My army had Order as an alignment and I ended up finding 2 angels for hire early on and was able to rush down everything with them without ever losing either of them.

I got rank of Black Dragon. Seems pretty good, they're pretty strong right?

Really fun playthrough. I'm new to the 7DRL genre and did not realize that as I spend time amassing massive amounts of wealth, that the enemies were also amassing their armies. Ended up dying in the final battle after 100 weeks or something crazy but this is the last screenshot I had. 

The battles are really fun, although I feel like flying units are OP. Will play again