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Yay I beat it! It's a really interesting game. I definitely think it would've been a lot harder to ramp up in it if I hadn't played Wizard Chess 1 a lot as well. 

I like how over the course of the game, the value of resources changes. At first money, growers, shops are the things you want to go for but by the end I only cared about triggers and easier fights. 

I don't know how I would be able to beat the game without the Precise bonus which gives +1 range to my ranged units for the first 40 turns. It made so many fights so much easier. I kept choosing to the swamp terrain because then I could just position my ranged units in the middle and just pick off any enemies that tried to approach. Late game must be a lot harder without it


That is one massive army! ...and a lot of army growers :o

Yay, thanks for playing!!

Precise+ranged units (+Slow blessing :P) is just one OP combo that could get you a win. Looking at your army, it probably didn't even matter by the end because you had so many melee strong units. For instance, getting an early Angel/Balrog/Roc and a corresponding tribe army grower, or getting a Fly blessing and fighting on slow terrains (like Swamp) should get you quite far.