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A member registered Aug 15, 2023

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why do i get a game over even with more rows to fill?

she escaped :O

ohhh i see, thank you for the reply tho

servers were not open?

draw pile and pause button always get stuck in the middle of the screen 

pls take the '"quit torrenting"" button out of that place, i always click it by accident T-T

sometimes keys work, sometimes they don't

hey it happened again :(

can you help pls

still not working

gleda pls come back and fix this game 😭

I sure am!!

Also I got a new high score but I think the game didn't compute it :( It still shows my previous best score 


when I move the object too fast with my mouse, they merge together and bug ;u;

So simple yet so cute, sent me to a nice, cozy place. thank you for this game!


i love this!

(playing while working)

This game is super cool! I look forward to the next updates.

It seem to have a minor bug when placing the corporation logos, they can only be placed on top of another info, I can't place it by itself on the corner of the cards for example

thank you for creating this game!! challenging  but very fun at the same time

salami + sugar

use oats instead of flour!!

Cool game!! loved it.

I love this game, would it be possible to launch an infinite mode? the time is too short for me :(

it can be a bit confusing but once you understand it it kinda makes sense (because we start the sandwiches from the bottom as well), maybe you could include a small tip after the first levels 

this game is so fun and addicting! it needs a leaderboard ASAP!!


first time i won: 3 secs left

I loved this game! However I'd like more ingredients, levels or anything that improved the diversity a bit

it's backwards! you gotta start from below to above. I got confused by this as well haha

also the tutorial doesn't work! there's nothing different from it to the normal game

this game is awesome! However, i'd also like an infinite version. Also, it is not possible to restart the game, it just crashes

every other website is loading just fine, but the thumbnails and the games here are not loading properly :(

It is not my internet connection

not running on opera gx :(

I loved this game, but when the picture downloads it's just a black picture..

love this!

thanks!! <3

This game is fantastic, I love everything about it! However there's a bug where the dialogue don't change when you type an answer, and you can't type anything else

I think everything is too fast-paced for a casual gamer to enjoy this

it is not loading on opera gx

the creator desperately needs to upgrade the dictionary

I too have the impression that it gets hard once you start trying

this game is insanely good!!!

love it!!!

please put a button to restart the game tho

Ok, english is not my first language so I'll try my best to make this understandable

I think the tool for selecting tags could be improved. Let's say I'm looking for something relaxing to play. I select the tag "cute" to filter games with this tag. Then I also add "comedy" because I also feel like playing funny games. But the search engine only shows games that have both tags, "cute" and "comedy". So I can't browse comedy games and cute games together, I have to make two different searches and is just unpractical I think.

Now another feature that I would love to see is any way to exclude a certain tag from the game selection. I say this because horror games are really popular now, which I also enjoy but is not what I always want to play. So it would be nice to remove games with certain tags while searching/browsing, it would make a lot easier to find the games you really want to play at that moment.

That's basically it, so thank you for reading and pretty please consider this <3

stuck in the mid of loading