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^_^ thank u mariken


^_^ glad you enjoyed

i love monster manipulation puzzles <3 this game really made me feel warm and fuzzy inside like i was in a deadly room of death <3 <3 <3

wonderful!!! i love love love this machine and the ending made me smile :>

thanks taylor <3
only one ending

thanks for the kind words... i will take a look at fixing this at some point, has some really weird bugs

sorry. i guess not everyone is fit to live a life of crime

spare ducky its me you want

why, BINKY for home computer, stranger!!

finally i can parch my thirst with delicious volcanicity... wonderful stuff. great work with the loading screen too

i like that binky's car doesn't run on gas... that makes me really happy. my score was 63400 i don't know if that is good but i had fun

YES its millenium cinemas... it was intentional lol... i went hunting for it... im so happy somebody recognized it omg

finally somebody gets it

creepy, pertinent, and pretty hot. i liked it a lot

thank u!!

thanks gus C:

thanks for playing

aww thank you!

thanks <3

thanks! i'm glad you enjoyed it

amazing! i think you really grasped the prompts well; it has such a dreamy vibe to it... feels so strange and yet serene. i really enjoyed it! thank you : )

Thank you!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it :)