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Ahh OK thanks

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so I just started the game, on Android, and I got the first key from the kitchen but the game isn't recognizing that I have the key when I go to open the box in the chamber. Is there something else I'm supposed to do? Didn't skip to day 3.

I downloaded the game yesterday on my galaxy s10 and when it gets to the part of putting in a name my keyboard comes up as normal but when I hit enter it does nothing so I can't get past the naming screen at the start. Is there anyone else that's experienced this or knows what to do about it?

So last time I played this was about four or so months ago and I loved this update and how the story is progressing. I'm really looking forward to the next one. While not important yet since the game has a bit to go before it's finished the one main complaint I have, which i have with a lot of games on here, is the English grammar and sentence structure needs some work. Otherwise this is definitely turning into a great game. Thanks for all the work you've put into it.

So every time I would try and input my name when starting it, it would delete what I entered and go with the default. I'm playing on android. 

Yes there is one available through Perverteer's patreon

Had a lot of fun playing this one. My one critique is grammatical errors, otherwise I enjoyed the story and the setup and am definitely looking forward to more content.

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Yeah it seems to be almost random for me on whether any renpy games will work when I download them and redownloading and installing doesn't fix it. I'm not tech savvy enough to figure this out right now so hopefully someone else can help out.

OK so I just went back through to double check I was actually up to date for windows and I wasn't so now I feel like a complete idiot lol. I updated and now the game is running. Thank you for the help you tried to give me and sorry about wasting some of your time.

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Yes I'm on windows and I'll see if I can figure that out as I had this problem with another game too, the only antivirus is what came with win 10 and earlier versions of the game worked.

EDIT: I found a forum about the issue and it is missing files that should be in the game folders. The files are _renpysteam.pyd and steam_api.dll I guess here is the link to the forum

So I updated the game here and downloaded through your website and neither works. I get an error which from what I see on the log is reported as

 Importing _renpysteam: ImportError('No module named _renpysteam',)

I don't know if it is something wrong with your upload or something going on else where but I figured I can't be the only one with issues.

So I bought the game even without anything really being described or seeing much about the content and I definitely regret it. Don't buy the game unless you don't want any control over what you'll get for content or your fetishes include things that go well beyond the norm. The game itself may be good may be have a story worth playing through but with what little I saw after loading it I'm not going to be playing it again.

nice I'll keep my  eye for it

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Well I found one bug...I dug up the spot in front of the weapon shop and now it just keeps giving me the message over and over again

So the ability to capitolize the MC's name isn't working

Just to let you know the futa isn't getting disabled when turned off. Not sure if it is a bug or not fully implemented yet.

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I'm part way into Ch.1 and so far I'm loving this game. The artwork and animation is really good. Following the story right now is  not hard but not easy either.  The characters are pretty fun and unique. I can't wait to see the rest of the game as it gets closer to being finished.

EDIT: I take back what I said about the story took me playing it after getting some sleep to realize what was confusing me lol