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Hi! I've worked with unity's wheel collider in the past, so I've learned a few things:

  • Set the car's physics material to zero or very low friction. (make sure the friction combine is multiply and not minimum, because that doesn't work for some reason.)
  • increase the side to side grip a little bit. The front tires are slipping when trying to turn at speed.
  • reduce the turn strength when at high speeds. it's possible to manually accomplish on a controller, but not easily on a keyboard. turning the full amount at speed makes the tires slip and lose traction.

I think this is as far as I'm going to take HAMMO, but I will definitely make similar games in the future.

An android port would be wack, how would the controls work?

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Nice work! I instantly died on mickey, but up to there was pretty neat. Waluigi and Dry Bone's toilets were pretty tedious, but Bowser's felt like a proper boss fight. If you want people to complete your game, I'd recommenced adding a save feature.

I think bite sized, unique projects like this don't get enough credit. Nobody's going to make it if they spend all their time making their dream game, shipping completed products is the most valuable skill a game dev can have.