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Nice to see people liking the little twist, we weren't sure on how players would react hahah. Thanks for the comment!

I'm happy you liked it, thanks!


Glad you liked it!

We thought about enabling the keypad (actually the first builds had it working), but it was too easy to play.
Dexor (the programmer) wisely decided to make it mouse only :) .

Thank you, nice to read comments like this, as it was my first jam\game.
A little tip: numbers 8 and 9 are there just to confuse the player ;) .


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Yup, we should have added some audio or visual feedback for when the keys switch, but it's alright I guess :D .

By the way, the click sound was recorded with by myself (like all the other sounds) lol. What you hear is my mechanical keyboard, haha. Glad to hear you liked it.

Many thanks!

Thank you!