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We are working on releasing it as fast as possible. We will update here when we have more news :)

This will released first as a physical cartridge. The C64 Maxi does not have a cartridge slot as far as I know.

We will also release a digital cartridge version shortly after the physical release. This release will work with the C64 Maxi.

Yes, this works in the C64 mini and maxi :)

Thank you! 😊

Hi! Thanks for the interest! We are still aiming for a 2021 release. :)

Thank you! I hope the game will not disappoint on release. =)

Thanks for the feedback. We are working on a few changes to the movement that might be more to your liking :)

Hi. It could probably be ported, but we are using sprites for the player an monsters. We are using sprites so we don't to manually merge background and play/enemy chars, and also for some gameplay things we haven@t shown yet. But since this is a turn-based game it could be done with just characters I think. :)

You won't be able to save your game, but we are looking into saving highscores if it ends up making sense. There is an end-game state, and there is scoring, but we need to find a way for it to make sense within a randomly generated gameplay :)

Thanks! We will be releasing Rogue64 on a physical cartridge in a nice box =)

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Ubergridder is a fun arcade action game, where the aim of the game is to trace all the edges of the grid to fill in the squares and repair the space ship. The lovely soothing music by Xerxes balances the hectic gameplay quite nicely.

Go check it out at:

Thank you! Hopefully you won't have to wait too long. =)

Lovely game! Almost too easy since I was able to complete the game on first try. Would love for it to have difficulty levels, so I could give it a try on Nightmare mode :D

Thanks for making this!

Thanks for letting us know it works!

The game is not open source, but the repo might become public at some point. The assembly source is highly obfuscated because I had to do a lot of trickery to squeeze it into less than 4000 bytes. If you are interested in the source dm me at @bag_of_hats on twitter. :-)

Regarding extra features, we will not be updating this project because it was made for a contest, but we are working on an extended version of this game which we have called Rogue64. The new game will add a few extra features. Here is a screenshot of what will be on the zzap64 coverdisk:

Hi, the prg file is the same we released for the contest. It should work on a regular C64, but since Rogue4k uses all sorts of unsafe memory areas (below address $0400) I am guessing that the RR-Net transfer might interfere with the code for Rogue4k. Sorry about that.

I have uploaded an updated version of the game (rogue4k_v8.prg) that is tape-loadable, and should work for you. I would love to get some feedback if it works or not, since I have no way to test with RR-Net. :-)

Congrats to Pixs! TinyBubbles is a great game! I've been through most of the games in the compo and and had a lot of fun playing them.

Thanks to The RVG SQUAD for hosting this jam. It was a lot of fun participating, and I learnt some new tricks trying to cram as much as possible below address $1000. :-)

And last but not least... 4th place! YAY! Thanks! Now I am off to expand Rogue4k into a proper roguelike. Look out for Rogue64 coming to a C64 near you soon. :D

Great little asset pack! Thanks for making it available! :)

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Check out the latest version. The crash-bug and other weirdness should be gone now. =)

Thanks for playing the game! I will see if I can trigger these bugs and fix them. I haven't seen them myself yet, so I guess I will have to do some more extensive testing! =)

Regarding the speed I ran out of bytes and had to make a compromise between moving and combat delay. I didn't have enough bytes to differentiate the delay between them.

Thank you! And thank you for the bug report! For some reason I hadn't tested level changing on this build. I have now updated the game and fixed so level changing works again. :)

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Hi. Sorry about that. I have updated the download&install instructions now. 

Basically, if you want to play it on your PC/Mac we recommend using an emulator called VICE. Remember to use the latest version of Vice to get the best emulation.  

You can download VICE from

When you have started VICE, you should be able to drag the d64-file to VICE and it will run the game.

Let me know if you have any more issues! :-)

Thank you for pointing out that mistake! It has been corrected now =)

No way!

Cheers! That is a lovely review =)

Thank you very much!

Although we would very much like to be part of co-op bundles Showdown is a C64 game, so we prefer it being bundled with C64 (or other retro-system) games. We are working on making a C64 co-op bundle atm

Thank you for the kind request though, and good luck with the bundle!

Thank you for the kind words. :)

Thank you. Very nice words. I am looking forward to the review :)

Thank you. I play this game with my kids too, but my son keeps beating me :)

Thank you =)

Showdown is a 1 or 2-player action shootout game for the Commodore 64. It is a lot of fun to play against the computer, and even more fun against a frenemy. The game is inspired by a host of older titles with the same theme, going all the way back to Gun Fight from 1975.

You play a cowboy out to win a fierce gun duel. The first one to outwit and knock down the opponent 5 times is the winner of the duel.

Giddy-up and get ready to fight!

The game is available for download at:

Thank you :)

Thank you! It is great playing against a human opponent =)