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When will I be able to create the city I want!!  Your generator is *so* good!  by far the best out there!  But I’m hampered by the fact that it allows only for randomly generated cities!  I want to be able to put rivers, shores roads and gates where I want them.   As of right now I have to hit the generate button over and over until I settle on something close to what I want. 

Do you have any kind of a timeframe of when this kind of feature will be available!?

thank you so much for putting this out there!!  Has really helped me a lot with my world building. 

Can’t wait to see features added!

Having no idea how your software actually runs, I’m just taking a guess, but it seems like like areas of the map are assigned a different type of zone, such as buildings, or keep, or River, etc. would love it if a mode where I could assign the zones myself to create the city I want. 

Do you have any plans to add features?  Where can I find lore information on this and stay current?

Great software. Again. Thank you much.