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Fantastic software! Want more!

A topic by BaddTuna created Feb 10, 2019 Views: 211 Replies: 1
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thank you so much for putting this out there!!  Has really helped me a lot with my world building. 

Can’t wait to see features added!

Having no idea how your software actually runs, I’m just taking a guess, but it seems like like areas of the map are assigned a different type of zone, such as buildings, or keep, or River, etc. would love it if a mode where I could assign the zones myself to create the city I want. 

Do you have any plans to add features?  Where can I find lore information on this and stay current?

Great software. Again. Thank you much. 


Thank you!

You are right, for every generated city there is an underlying mesh and every cell of that mesh can be assigned a "content" value - a district, a water area, a farm etc (this is a pretty serious limitation of the generator btw). And yes, I'm working on feature more or less like you described: :)

I post updates on Twitter and reddit.