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Two big things I noticed:

1. Small animation errors? Lua seems to gain then loose detail when she looks side to side?

2. Drinks. Please let the drink page of the phone have the info. It's annoying trying to find out if the drink you made IS what was ordered or is sliiiiightly off the mark. Finding it in the first place is also a tad annoying to someone with zero knowledge of coffee.

Hi! I enjoy the game so far and I have some suggestions and also reminders of things to add in later on:

  1. Naturally, Saving and Options (It's a prototype build, but thought I'd just mention every-thing I can note.)
  2. I highly suggest making the units you summon in the tutorial be fixed, since I noted I had a lot of fun on my first play with my first summons being a Queen, Pawn, and Knight. However, when I played the game again, my Knight, Knight, Bishop summon was MUCH harder to control. Perhaps you should do: King, Knight, Pawn. The King would show-case buffing (Atleast that is what I interpret will be added later to balance him) and the Knight+Pawn combo will show how to lure or trick enemies. This doesn't need to be said though, apart from how the King buffs. The player will likely figure out the 'combo' part on their own.
  3. Be more clear about the relation-ship building in battle. It took me some time to realize 'in range' means one of them could move into the other or are next to each other. But that might just be my bad understanding.
  4. Traits are interesting, but I feel some could be balanced better. Such as the 'talkitive.' But I haven't progressed very far to know if its useful or situational.
  5. I'm wondering if Kings are sometimes meant to have (what I assume are) female portraits? Dunno if thats intentional or not. It's fine either way.
  6. Should or shouldn't enemies have traits? On one hand, it gives some un-predictability to the game and each match. On the other, there was an immortal enemy pawn since I could not out-damage it (Only had allies with 1 attack.) So, with that said: There should be a limit to what traits they can take. No regen every turn (Since if you loose a >=2 ally, then you cannot kill them. Regen every other turn might be nice? Maybe every two turns, that would make killing an enemy with 3 HP and regen take about 4 turns if you always can damage them. I honestly would pefer no enemy regen at all) and limited to only non-social traits. Otherwise, the poor introverted enemy is gonna get their face kicked in. Maybe give them a 'Null' type of trait that does nothing. From what I gather, 'corrupted' could be a cool trait for them.
  7. Perhaps enemies of every type that is there should move? It'd force the player to be more careful about place-ment and watch other enemies rather then focus down the one the computre keeps moving. Since it IS a chess-based game, a part of chess is thinking ahead of your opponent.
  8. Just a question: Power Creep and such. What will a player do if they have multiple summons but have a party that they think is fine? Perhaps turn the summoning power into a currency instead. 'Power orbs' or whatever. Otherwise, they will have a large amount of 'summons' with no use.
  9. I'm assuming the characters are randomly generated from a set amount of portait parts. If so, then perhaps let the player re-name them?

That's all I can really think of right now! Also, maybe remove the battle button when you get to the party part. I'll bug-test a little and see if I can find anything.

I'm suprised at how much I enjoy this! I cant wait to see more!