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At some point yes!

Hey! Thanks for following and your good works. v0.2 is coming with new stuff so keep watching.

thanks! More stuff coming up in new update soon

Thanks! Hope you enjoy them!

Thanks! That is my intent so I rewrote it.

Thanks! Well check the upcoming Updates!

Yes! I'd love to do furniture stuff! Also enemies and animation will be in future updates


DEAD KNIGHT community · Created a new topic Feedback

Here you can post feedback so I can make the game as good as possible

DEAD KNIGHT community · Created a new topic FAQ

Here you can ask me anything about the game

Thanks for your kind words! Version 0.2 is on the way. Steam key:Yes!

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Hello! I've been slowly coming back to the active development of Dead Knight.  Currently working on Version 0.3

Dead Knight is an action platformer | metroidvania

You can help development if you like by getting the first 2 Alpha Versions Bundle here:

The Greetings: Hey Folks! Hope you are all good! All around the Globe :D

The Mood: Dead Knight is in slow and sweet development . Currently working on Version 0.3 

The Game: Dead Knight is an action platformer | metroidvania

The Story: Your wife just killed you. Get all the way up to surface for some sweet revenge.

The Help: If you like/love the project, you can help development by buying the original pre-alpha versions :

The Link: