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Cool idea! I'll add it to the next update :D

Check now.

Yes there will be exclusives :D

Eventually :D

Oops it's just a mistake! I'll fix that. For the record it is a hint that I wanted to show in an updated (That every column is a different biome)

Sure. Send me at

Sure! Dm me on my twitter

Hi! There is actually transparency in the second file (Alpha)

Also you can use many assets from all themes in other themes if you like. Although there will be expansions of all themes in the future.

There will be an animation update in the future for characters and environment also.

The Roguelike community · Created a new topic The Future
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Post ideas and recommendations for future updates.

Here are some that I have in mind >>

  • Themes: 
    • Victorian / Steampunk 
    • Horror 
    • Wild West 
    • Pirates
    • Inka / Maya
  • Design:
    • Animation
    • Interiors
  • Expand :
    • More assets on all Themes

Thank you! Next up some color theory!

Pack Update every Sunday 

**If you missed previous packs you can get them all + future packs, for a small fee.

Thanks! Hope you enjoy them!

Thanks! Looking forward to your progress!

vol.3 - The Roguelike : A collection of tiles, icons and props

  • Create the Roguelike of your Dreams! 
  • 529 Highly detailed pixel art Assets 
  • Frequent and Free Updates! (No DLC)

Just released: Ancient Greece Theme >>


* Also Available in 1-Bit >> the roguelike 1-bit

**You can also check the 2000+ assets bundle including all volumes (1-5)


Thank you! Keep watching for new updates.

Not currently. In a future update :D

After many workhours I finally reached 1000+ assets for my collection packs! 

You can also check them all out in the 1000+ assets bundle :

Hope you enjoy my work and looking forward to see your creations with them!

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Themes Incoming then! Let's start with the Ancient Greek one. (I'm from Greece!) :D

Hey! Long time no see! I'm fine thanks. I'm happy to be back too!

Game state: polish. Yes the file is a placeholder until release.


Hello! Thanks for your concern. The game has been in active development for 5 years. It consists of a highly detailed multi dimensional/multiple level overworld in half HD pixelart, full length Soundtrack, over 200 puzzles, and It's replayable for exactly 6 times. For more details follow the devlog :D

Yes I remember your playthrough! Hope you are good :)

Thanks for your concern! Well I've composed most of the themes for the game but I will need some sfx. I' ll let you know :D

Yes! After the basic world building updates

Thanks! Yes I remember our coffee under the acropolis. Hope you are good!

Thanks!Hope you do something wonderful with it. Watch out for more assets :D

thanks! More stuff coming up in new update soon

Thanks! Hope you enjoy them!

Thanks! Well check the upcoming Updates!


DEAD KNIGHT community · Created a new topic Feedback

Here you can post feedback so I can make the game as good as possible

DEAD KNIGHT community · Created a new topic FAQ

Here you can ask me anything about the game

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Hello! I've been slowly coming back to the active development of Dead Knight.  Currently working on Version 0.3

Dead Knight is an action platformer | metroidvania

You can help development if you like by getting the first 2 Alpha Versions Bundle here:

The Greetings: Hey Folks! Hope you are all good! All around the Globe :D

The Mood: Dead Knight is in slow and sweet development . Currently working on Version 0.3 

The Game: Dead Knight is an action platformer | metroidvania

The Story: Your wife just killed you. Get all the way up to surface for some sweet revenge.

The Help: If you like/love the project, you can help development by buying the original pre-alpha versions :

The Link: