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An honestly incredible game with a gripping story! One of the best itchio games I have played in a while. The environment and subtle eeriness of the game leaves a lasting impression. Cannot wait for the full release!

Visually a stunning game! The mechanics are a bit wonky and some of the doors have no collision and lead to the void. When killing the aliens their tales go crazy as they sink into the floor. Really cool looking game, the mechanics just need a little polishing. 

That is really exciting!! I can't wait to check out your new game!

I grew up playing house of the dead on the Wii and let me tell you, this brought me back! I would replay this game, as it is legitimately fun! Not sure if you have the desire to, but this could be a full game on its own if added more enemies and power-ups etc. I played this late at night and it really hit! Great game! Can't wait to try out more by you :)

Overall a fun game! That ending man, what a twist! Really like the pacing of the game, only complaint would be there is no variety in the death scenes and ended up becoming a bit predictable. Amazing work! 

Before this game I had no clue about LIDAR horror games! The concept of wandering in the dark with a strange entity lurking was captured perfectly in the game. The strange and uneasy feeling was nice when exploring the map. Only complaint was the scare at the end. Didn't really understand what it was.

A honestly wholesome game with excellent progression! The characters were all fun especially Jime wasting Jimmy. A really cute, short game about talking to those around you. I am recommending to all my pals :)

This isn't Hogwarts Legacy... Jk, really fun and oddly charming game! I had a fun time exploring the many environments, helping the strange cast of characters. One bug I did encounter was during the Slytherin segment. I got stuck on a floor by stairs, not able to climb the stairs, I had to restart the game.

Played this game very early in my YouTube life, this game has to be in my top 3. There is a sort of nostalgia about this game.

To elaborate more, the sense of dread while playing this game and continuing to wander further and further into the abyss is such a horrifying feeling. 

The multiple endings also piqued my interest as I like games that do not have one set linear path to take. The secrets and extras were also a lot of fun. Though midnight mode was tricky, I'd love one day to attempt it again!

Thank you for making such a masterpiece of a game :) 

Im honestly a big fan of all your games. Since playing Lost in Vivo you've become one of my favorite indie devs :) This game was a tad confusing (story wise) but I pieced together my interpretation of it. Love creepy and strange walking sims! I enjoyed the game overall.

High score 253! This game is so fun!

In complete awe of the story. I went into the game mostly blind, only played chapter 1 in the video but have played chapter 2, and have to say this is an amazing story. Really enjoyed the multiple endings! The unsettling nature of the sound and voices of characters almost makes you so immersed! One of my favorite games ever!

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One of the stranger horror games I've played. The story is hard to follow, the bits with the monster came at strange moments. One part had me lost trying to find an item in the kitchen. 

I will have to play the game again since I played the 1.0 version. Overall the game was quite satisfying with some strange funny moments. Only complaint would be the hard to find object once you leave the basement. The one that is tucked under the bed. I am going to try out version 2.0 and am very excited to see what trouble this funky feline gets into! 

Honestly a magical and wholesome game about the importance of an age old meal. Short and sweet, though spaghetti is usually long and savory! I have to say, it is cool that the back side of the house doesn't show the "fridge dimension" and is actually hidden if the player explores behind the house. Awesome game :)

It is! This is the link 

That sounds sick! Would be so down to help out!

It was pretty old actually! I don't remember exactly when I downloaded it but didn't know there were already updates. I'll have to try the new version! Sorry about that! 😅

Some on my YouTube channel. If you pm me on discord I can send you some links to things I have worked in

Good demo! Played this with a friend, we both agreed that there are a few elements missing. It is just a demo, but I gotta say that ending was fantastic 😂 great job building tension and drawing out that scare at the end as well!

I appreciate you :) thanks!

A strange and familiar looking space. I am biased having played so many of your games, but I honestly like the liminal spaces with an almost familiar atmosphere as you wander through an almost scary world lucidly. I have never played a dream emulator but I think this was an excellent taste of what they are like!

Couldn't seem to find it :/

I can do that! do you have a discord?

Really fun game with multiple endings! I like the depth and how creepy the atmosphere naturally is. The secret ending is also really fun 😂 Pace of the game was also very realistic, but sometimes felt like eons especially when trying to get all the endings.

I am!

For sure!

Hi, Im backpack! I do a variety of impressions and accents and am looking to help with character work in any way I can! You can dm me here or on discord, backpack_comics#8151 :)

Hi there, I do a variety of impressions and accents and some sound effects. Looking to help out with character work in any way! You can dm me here or on discord, backpack_comics#8151 :)

I do a variety of accents, impressions, and some sound effects! You can message me here or dm me on discord backpack_comics#8151 :)

Hi there, I am a voice actor who does a wide range of impressions and accents! Trying to help you spice up your project and help character work in any way I can! I also do some sound effects! You can dm me here or on discord, backpack_comics#8151 :)

Hi there, I do a wide variety of impressions and accents! Im looking to help out with any character acting and sound effects! you can dm me here or on discord backpack_comics#8151 :)

I do a wide variety of accents and impressions, looking to spice up your projects and help out any way I can :) you can dm me here or on discord backpack_comics#8151 :)

I do an arrange of accents and impressions- even sound effects! Dm me here or on discord backpack_comics#8151 :)

I do an arrange of impressions and accents! Looking to help you guys as much as I can with character acting! You can dm me here or on discord backpack_comics#8151 :)

Looking to help some projects out with voice work if needed. I do an arrange of accents and impressions, you can message me here or dm me on discord backpack_comics#8151 :)

I do an arrange of accents and impressions and looking to help you spice up your projects with some voice work! Dm me on my discord backpack_comics#8151 :)

The art is super cool! Thanks for all the love on the video dude! Can't wait to check out the end :))

I just now saw that you gave the game an ending 😭 did you make all the art yourself? Honestly was a very wholesome game! Really enjoyed the art style and message :) Will play it again to see the end HAHA