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SM Pirates was a big source of inspiration here :D

Thanks for giving it a try!

We actually can’t describe these games too thoroughly, as they’re part of a game jam which requires little to zero communication between participants in the jam.

The next person to pick this up can’t communicate directly with the original dev of the game, and they can’t communicate forward, either. :D

I actually fixed the freezes in a postjam build of the game. It was a really stupid bug, haha!

Thanks for giving it a try!

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I found the game I’m doing for day 2! Nice bones, I’ll do you proud, Godot bro (or broette).

I interpret it as “Don’t explain what the game is or what it could be”.

I’m leaving comments in my coe explaining how certain things work and why, but not with the intention of guiding the paths of future devs, just as a way to say “I made this relatively complex thing and it’s important that you know how it works if you’re going to make something with it”.

I don’t think that’s against the spirit of the jam. I have a few hours before I need to worry about that, though.

I meant to say “auto-runner”, sorry, I was exhausted when I wrote this. :D

I liked the concept, but it could have used a map. Maybe one that fills in over time. That, or it need to not be an endless runner. If it were me controlling it, I could make a map as I went.

In any case, well executed! I got stuck a couple times, and I never actually finished, but I still really liked it.

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Yeah, I ended up dropping a few things (like a tutorial) due to time. We just recently had our second kid, so time is…well, even more limited than usual!

Thanks for giving it a try, glad you liked it!

P.S. I added a few more lines to the game description to help people understand a bit better. Hopefully that helps.

You get super bonus points for the android build. I struggled a bit to figure out what to do, but it ended up being fun!

The visuals are stunning, very “retro vector art”. What pack did you use? Really cool.

Hands down my favorite so far. Great controls (a little floaty like mentioned elsewhere, but still very playable), excellent growth/shrink physics. I really want t o try my hand at making something like this now!

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Look, my only complaint is that you’re missing coyote time and jump buffering. Other than that, it’s snappy, fun, and expansive. Great job!

Great use of the assets, simple but addictive gameplay, great job!

Solid little maze game! Loved the aesthetic with the lighting.

It ended up crashing/pausing when I tried to grab the power-up(?) after the first couple wall jumps. :(

Fun! Took me a second to get what was going on, but then it was a lot of fun!

Great controls, though I felt like it was a bit more shooter-y than explore-y, but was a fun play in any case.

Really enjoyed this one! I wanted to use both of these packs, but couldn’t figure out a way to use either of them in th time we had. Great job!

I had kind of a stupid question: Do I need to use Kenney assets to make the logo and/or title screen image/background artwork? Or is it just the in-game assets that need to be Kenney assets?

45184 FIRST TRY <3

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Web build works pretty well on mobile, except that the cards are impossible to read, at least on my phone. 

I'm in agreement with both you (from the video) and others in the comments that adding an actual deck and/or cooldowns would make this a lot more fun. 

Not to mention, of course, multiplayer! 

All you need to do is download the zip file, unzip it (this command on CLI: gunzip, and then run the executable in there: ./SealedBite.x86_64.