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How to download v1.5?

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Loving it, especially the hidden room!

It perfect for my Gameforce Chi.

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The p8-file is handled in the same way as a png-file, so place them in the same folder as the other png files.

If you really like to have an png-file instead, then just load in the p8-file and save it as an png:

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Great game!
I just wish that it was available on the BBS, so its easy get via Splore and to install on handhelds (I have a Gameforce Chi).

If you don't know how this can be done, then I suggest that you look at:
Lazy Devs: How to upload Pico-8 games to the Lexaloffle BBS

BTW: What does the information sign really say (in english, please)?

"kiis: erous tu draiv x tu start ralli z tu hendbreik ju stiir beter of trotel end hbrejk iven moor bii faast."

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This problem it still there in Pico-8 v0.2.6 :-(.
It seems that it first occured in v0.2.5d
(i.e. it works in v0.2.5c, but NOT in v0.2.5d)

Nice game!
Any plans for new levels?