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I was NOT AT ALL prepared for this and paid ... 😂

The dev kept putting work in & completed the game! I was thinking maybe fixed bugs, tweaked mechanics, improved enemies, etc kinda quality of life upgrades. I was pleasantly surprised to find it's so much more than that...

The dev kept working on this & put alot more work into this for a full release on Steam! Surprisingly fleshed out final/complete version is really good. Checkit out:

Some interesting & good survival horror mechanics / systems (like inventory management), & surprisingly depth & length for a game made in just a few days. Good stuff!

I love these horror jam games

Forgot to share this, remembered when I finally went back to continue where I left off 😂🤷‍♂️ Worth returning to, though 👍

So glad I stumbled on this 😋😁

John's #youtube:
"John's Awakening" by Trevelyan:

John's Awakening community · Created a new topic YES

I wondered at one point if someone would attempt to make a game of John's worst nightmares, such as being stuck in HQ Residential House for real lol.  I'm ABSOLUTELY going to check this out tonight.

Love the idea, lots of potential

#ifoundafunnydudeindemastudiosgamehahahaitissofunny! 😂😋👍👍👍

Very interesting, great aesthetics, can see why it placed the way it did in the Scream Jam 2020 rankings! Congrats on 1st in Story and Entertainment (both!)! 

Interesting, creepy, and tense experience, look forward to seeing more from Azaxor in the future

Congrats on placing 2nd(!) in Horror and 9th in Enjoyment in ScreamJam2020! Also impressed this ran in the browser and was still effective and worked so well. 

Good stuff and congrats on placing top 5 in horror & enjoyment! Also this took me longer than it should've but also had me thinking I was safe & catching a nasty (& funny) surprise bout halfway thru 😂👍

Good stuff and congrats on placing top 5 in horror & enjoyment! Also this took me longer than it should've but also had me thinking I was safe & catching a nasty (& funny) surprise bout halfway thru 😂👍

I do love these short indie game jam entries, & this is another fun entry for Scream Jam 2020! Good luck with the jam!

This had me going and got me a few times, nice work, & looking forward to seeing what dev does going forward

Good luck in the Scream Jam 2020! I got pretty into this & def thought was a good jam game 👍👻

Pretty sure this one could place in this jam. IMHO anyway. Good stuff, I got pretty into it 👻😋👍

This was really good! Creepy, atmospheric, incredibly dark 'n spooky. Even with me joking & not being in a very spooky mood at the beginning, it IMMEDIATELY threw me for a full 180 & had me unnerved the rest of the time 😂👍👻

This got me good a few times, even on a 2nd run when I *should* have known better 🤷‍♂️😂 Keep up the good work!

Good, well done, short indie horror experience

This was an interesting & good idea for a indie horror exp. Looking forward to tryin more from JN Squared!

This was good, found it after trying Don't Do It & so far JN Squared is 3 for 3 on indie games I enjoyed

Tried this out, liked it so much I decided to try more from JN Squared! Keep up the good work! I'll be checking out even more of your work soon, for sure.

This not only got the best scare outta me on my channel so far (I needed a min afterwards lol), it was rly good overall & kept me anxious the entire demo. Can't wait to see more!

That sounds awesome! Can't wait and looking forward to seeing more, for sure.

This was awesome! Great way to kick off this new collection for me, and glad I was curious to checkout Scythe Dev Team's entry 1st haha

I thought this was great & I was legit tense & loved the atmosphere.  The production value, sound design, voice acting, pretty much all of it was top notch. 

(especially impressive since I have NOT found most PT-like games to come close to that original horrifying experience)

This was very good! Had me second guessing my every action out of sheer anxiety & concern for most of the game lol. Which means Team6 / Alfred Ruckle NAILED it as far as I'm concerned 😋

Really leg?! You gonna do me like that? My OWN leg! 😂

This was an interesting & unique experience, I love finding these kinds of indies (&/or gamejam games)

This was a great one! Got me pretty good 😂 (1st game in the vid)

Especially for something that was part of an intentionally short (2-minute horror jam) experience & with only days to complete it.


Had to check this out after discovering Not a Sailor studios with Buddy Simulator 1984 Demo. Officially love all of their stuff now! 🤣😋

This was fantastic! Can't wait to see more of this & your other work (actually about to try AGALDYT right now)

Had to revisit and finish this one (& get both endings 😋). It definitely made a good 1st impression; great writing, atmosphere, & overall experience!

This got me pretty good 😂 you'll see right in the 1st few seconds... (full gameplay starts @ 25:00 in the vid). I'll have to revisit this & see if I can get some of the multiple endings!

Really cool idea & got creepy/unnerving real quick 😂 - look forward to more! (starts @ 7:40 in the vid)