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I'm an (aspiring) composer and I was curious about creating layered tracks for my game, and this looks like exactly the plugin I needed! Excited to test it out (once I've actually written some layered tracks!)

Would be nice if Mac developers would specify if their games are 32 bit or 64 bit. Just bought this game and didn't find out until after I paid for it that I can't play it because it's 32 bit. It's hard enough to find games for Mac anyway.

Same. Yes please. So tired of buying games just to find out I can't play them AFTER I've already paid for them.

It seems that most of the games on here that are tagged for macOS don't run on Catalina. It would be nice if there were a filter for games that are Catalina-compatible.

Game won't load... Downloaded the .rar file and it just started playing music in VLC player. Tried opening it with unarchiver but can't find the application file. Doesn't seem to run on Mac.

This game looks nice. Unfortunately it won't run! I downloaded the Mac version but when I try to run it it just gives me an error message saying "The application "Game" can't be opened." Tried putting it in my applications folder but that didn't help.

Just bought the game. I have a Mac. When I download it all I see is something called "Game" and when I try to open it I get an error message that says "The application "Game" cannot be opened."