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Ahhh I agree with you so much, I too think Mikhail is the best boy for her~

Also, how do you rate the game? I haven't been in itch for a while and I can't remembee how to rate anything hehe

Finished everything in the game now and I must say that I love it very very much.

The writing is just so angsty and fluffy and oh so romantic <3 and the LIs are just so lovable. Out of all of them though, my favorite would have to be Mikhail. While I can definitely see her loving all of the LIs and they loving her back, it's definitely with Mikhail that I think she is best suited for. I mean, they can be simping together, be an absolute fangirl/fanboy together, and be crying together. While being both introverted gamers who would rather spend time in front of the computer, they bring each other out of their comfort zones such as the in the party. She sees his worth and he sees her worth. I can see them have a fun and sweet relationship built on friendship and growing more together through the years. 


And also, come on that snow scene with Mikhail was so beautiful! Out of all the LIs, his snow CG was the most beautiful. It just seems so poetic to me that they are holding each other's hands while in their dreams. Actually them touching each other is just so cute, I mean when Mikhail said he wanted more hugs in his triangle scene, held out his pinky to promise they would never sacrifice each other, hugging each other for comfort, and him being dazed by the cheek kiss... I nearly combusted then and there.  

I love yhe other LIs but Mikhail is definitely my alltime favorite.


Oh yeah, I also forgot to say that the epilogue was something else to. Sooo is my assumption correct that when Sans asks the player to go back to sleep then pauses and says instead that he'll be there...that's the point that he realized that a reset is possible? Idk if it is, but if it, the guy has so much patience amd understanding to be at peace with another possible reset. another thing I loved about Sans. Alsooo after so many replays. It only hit me now that the echo flower actually blurted the secret code word! Ahhh it has hidden in plain sight all along!!!

Sooo uhhh I really really loved this VN. I've known Undertale for years (though I haven't played yet) and this VN was the one that got me into the original game. Sans is officially my favourite character now. I really can't stop looking up info or content about him. And for a whole week I can't seem to stop myself from replaying the game over and over, just lookimg for every possibility and reliving the best moments over and over. 


I really can't bring myself to break my promise to Sans to reset or to do Papyrus' route so what I did was that after getting the true love ending, I actually copied a copy of the roaming files and put it somewhere safe, in my mind that was me preserving my true ending so it's as if in that timeline, I never resetted as promised and Sans is happy always. 

But ofcourse I still continued on with the rest of the game and I was able to finish all the routes. I have uninstalled and installed the game over and over again and I mixed the orders of pursuing the routes as well. Needless to say I had a lot of fun and tears with this game. 

And the music? Spot on. Simply spot on. I loved them in every scene. Though my favourite use of it would be during Papyrus' route where Sans shakes the player's hand and the glockenspiel version of It's raining somewhere else plays. That scene was just so bittersweet. Also every romantic scene with sans? Beautiful. Just so beautiful. What I do now is that I just open the game and play the ost while I type my requirements in school. 

Just another thing to note though, the true love corridor scene in a true love run but after fighting sans but not meeting chara got to me the most. Before, that lovely scene that was supposed to be sweet was so sad to me when it became tainted after I did a true LOVE run and meeting Chara. I was really so horrified. I mean, I was happy that despite knowing what the player did sans still forgave the player, so the betrayal traumatized me. But then I uninstalled and cleaned everything to start anew. This time I did the true LOVE route first, then resetted. I was surprised though that Flowey was mad. That never happened before. But then I did the true love run again and when it got to the true love corridor scene again I was so anxious because I was afraid to see the betrayal. I was still so moved by sans' forgiveness and unwavering love, but then shockingly, the player didn't kill him. I was actually so surprised and relieved. I resetted and did a redo of the route to see if this was an error but still, even if the dialogue said that sans knew the player killed him, he was still not killed. I was so relieved. Even after doing the no love run, I felt that this was the best ending. It was as if the player had a change of heart and sans out of his love forgave the player. To me it made the ending better because it showed just how deeply sans felt for the player that he was willing to forgive and forget, and they get their happy ending. Really after seeing the betrayal, I was so horrified, so expecting it and not seeing it happen was a good surprise for me. It truly felt that sans accepted everything and the player's change of heart was sincere. I only realized yesterday that the reason he wasn't killed though was because I resetted after killing sans so I never got to sell my soul to Chara, lol. Yeaaahhh that definitely made the ending better for me. And the fact that it was an accident really was the cherry in top. So yeah this game lives in my heart rent free. 

Alsooo I was browsing through Incompetech again, and I accidentally stumbled upon the song that plays at the end of the princess route, the Nu Flute. That was really so lovely, and I suddenly remembered that beautifully heartbreaking scene at the end of the princess route. I guess that scene was really so beautiful to me that even now I almost cried hearing it. It makes me nostalgic in a bitterweet way. 

Now that I think about it, something I liked a lot about that scene was Kuro calling the MC "my beloved". I personally like that petname being used towards one's lover and I too wish to call my future spouse " my beloved" too. Sooo I was really surprised and elated when Kuro called the MC that, it' s rare for me to see that being used in a VN. In harvest moon, there is a character limit so I can't exactly call my in-game hubby that. Ahh bummer. Really though, when Kuro is sweet, he can be REALLLYYYY sweet. 

Ooohhh that sounds like a really nice weekend hehe ^_^

...alsoooo I actually have more questions..again... cuz somehow I still can't seem to move on from the game even if it's already nearing a month now. 


In the game, who actually writes the scenarios? Like whoever it is they deserve a raise haha

Alsoooo, I never noticed this before until now bit after replaying the op for so many times but...are the characters at the start 339 and dollmaker!Kuro? And the last two are og! MC and Shiro? While playing I avoided the op since I really didn't want to spoil myself with anything. I already did when the guide said that I had to input S****'s name. At that time I had already written the letters and was at the brink of figuring outbwhat they were for. Oh well haha, it made sense anyway.  But listening to the op's lyrics...woooowww the lyrics really reflected the character's feelings and situation. T'was a REALLY good OP, maximum repeats it gained hehe. Like the melody is also very catchy, especially at the start. I also can't help but sing it in my head at times. 

I also forgot to say this as well but I do hope you get to rest well, cuz wow 4 hours of sleep time everyday, I really do hope you get to rest well. 

Oh my these are actually a lot of questions. Just take your time with these I don't really mind hehe. ^_^

Hello!~ thank you so much for this reply! ^_^ It's really fine with me that the reply took longer. Time flies by me too so I didn't really notice it that much haha, especially with how much schoolwork that was dumped on us right now hahaha, it really feels that a day goes by so fast! 

Buuutttt I was curious about somethings again hehe. In the routes how do they live together?  Does Kuro help with chores? Does Kuro have hobbies in the routes whenever he disappears or does he just watch whatever the MC is doing constantly? 

Alsoooo I pondered this a bit and I feel so bad for the Kuros. I mean they would probably be really sad when the route is over. Is that why Kuro sounded a bit distant in the good ends? Now I also feel bad about the Kuro who was always mad at 339, he must have been a fresh Kuro so after marrying the MC and being pulled out of the simulation he must have been pretty confused and angry. It is really impressive how the Kuros can live inside the simulation so happily with the MC as if nothing is wrong even if they know the horrors of lab life (except when their crazy side comes up).

I have another question about the routes too, when do they really start? Like does the simulation start as seen in the visual novel and that the memories shown in the flashnacks are just implanted, or does the simulation really start when they are kids?

Alsoooo, I found something interesting in the gamer route. Around the scene where Kuro and the MC kissed and Kuro said that all he wanted was to touch her in reality, I find it odd how he said that he will do anything to protect this "dream". He didn't say reality. Sooooo, was he referring to the simulation? Him not wanting to leave the simulation and be with the MC forever?

Kuro from the 5 routes is really different from the one in reality. The one in the 5 routes is the closest to his real self right? Cuz he gets to be himself in the route (though a tweaked version).

Alsoooo it was a nice touch how the sunrise was used. In the bad end where the MC and Kuro venture off into the desserted wasteland and in the true end where Shiro and og!MC are in the balcony/roof. It really felt like a new beginning for them.

Alsoooo how does Kuro do it? Sending her to sleep I mean. In the princess route he makes her drink tea. In the the detective route, I forgot but is it another kiss of sleep? Like in the mage route? Does the same happen in the student route? How can Kuro send her to sleep with a kiss? In the middle of the detective route Kuro is able to do this with just a kiss on her forehead. I'm guessing that in the gamer route they are just pulled out of the simulation without anyone sleeping? 

I replayed the game again, I couldn't help it. Well, I got through to the Princess route and I just confirmed that Kuro hovers! Now I am curious as to how far he can go. Can he basically float really really high and far away and just choose not to cuz he don't want to be far from the MC or does he have limitations like 1km away from her.

Replaying the game, it showed just how competent Kuro was as a spirit guide. I could have gotten straight to the good ending of a route 95%  of the time just by following his suggestions and choosing what would be a more comfortable choice for him (he'll murder me if he's not happy anyway lol) and he makes so much sense at most times (if he is not being too yandere). Most remarkable times was when he advised the MC to execute the traitors and in the detective route where he theorized the trap the villaim had for the MC and when he said that the MC's genuine kindness and selflessness wasn't a weakness. I guess that's another thing I liked about Kuro. He is always so supportive and sees the best in the MC, he really just wants to see her fluorish. And he knows when to correct her when the situation calls for it, and he owns up when he has mistakes. Those moments made me really admire Kuro as a character and showed tgat he really loved her. 

It pained me to choose the wrong choices cuz I knew I was gonna hurt Kuro in some way (the one where MC kissed Farro became more painful to me cuz after I knew that Kuro was in pain everytime Farro touched her, I understood why Kuro just let her suffer, cuz Kuro himself must have suffered terribly out of jealousy and extreme pain when they kissed). But they were essential to know more about the plot and to further the point that they were in a simulation sooooo that gave me a reason to actually choose them. I find it neat though that you get to go back to fix toir mistakes and even if Kuro knows you made a mistake, he still loves the MC.

Alsooo, it actually cleared something up for me, sooo 26's memories was put shortly into 339 right? They didn't have to go through 27 then 28 them 29 and so on, sooo 339 was already the next in line to wake up. Sooo is she also the latest unit? Or how many more were produced after her and Kuro? 

Alsooo since they are also they need to eat too?

Anddd now I'm curious about this too, how does Kuro of the 5 routes sleep, he seems to get tired as he stiffles a yawn. While he and the MC are actually in a simulation, can they actually get tired?

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Hello! Thank you so much for this reply again haha, it really felt like I got a surprise dessert haha. I really didn't mind that the reply was longer this time, I'm just happy that there even is a reply haha, understandable as irl stuff can be overwhelming some days.

Annddd I am happy to say that my teachers LOVED it! The music set the tone of the videos so well, especially when it came to introducing our course and the student council. But while they were actually enjoying the slideshow for the introduction of the council officers my mind was actually going through a series of flashbacks from the gamer route (as I ended up using the music from the very beginming of that route). So yeah, thanks again haha.

Alsooooo I still can't get over the game haha, sooo I replayed it again. Andddd I noticed something in the student route. The principal was able to see Kuro right because they were one and the same, how were they one and the same? Was the principal Isaac or another experiment? I'm guessing that Kuro saying he was a part of all of that was him saying that he is part of the simulations being done to them. It boggles me just how I missed that blatantly obvious hint the first time I played haha.

Alsoooo yaaay! Now I really deem Mage Kuro as the one who is most similar to Ukyo, with the green hair and split personality and all. Idk, the association just makes it more painful for me haha, painful in the heartbreaking way cuz they are both tragic lovers so I remember both in each other. But somehow detective route Kuro is still my favourite even after the multiple playthroughs. In my mind it's as if he's the official Kuro haha.


Soooo I replayed the game again and...I sorta have a hypothesis on how Kuro determines when their life in the simulation ends after the big fight ended. 

Sooooo they will see this sign and know it is near, cuz the time varies.  In the Princess route they had a week or so if I remember correctly before Kuro was gone, and in the detective route it was shortly after the fight. Soooo I noticed the rainbow. I can't remember if other routes had this showing up but in the princess route, after the fight with Kai and everything was sunny in the land, in the background there was a rainbow, and in the detective route there was the rainbow cotton candy and even rainbow ferris wheel (probably a hint to where to take her???) My theory is that if they see the rainbow after defeating the big bad of the route then they will be gone shortly after. But this may also be totally wrong and maybe there is another meaning to the rainbows. After the route a cg with rainbows appear and MC sees a place with rainbows. So what's up with the rainbows? Hehe. Do they somehow symbolize a new beginning in the game? I am curious about this rainbow theme going on hehe. 

And the place with that place like inside her cobsciousness as she is being pulled out of the simulation?

Also in the princess route why was Kuro pulled out first when usually it is Kuro who makes her fall asleep in order to take her out of the simulation. Also is the reason he makes her sleep in most routes is that so she will not notice the transition to when she is pulled out?

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Oh yeah, I also want to thank you because you actually indirectly helped me haha. You see, these past few days I've been doing a video presentation for our college department's orientation program (since our classes start today hehe). I already drew the character used to narrate, finished recording my voice over and have already put in all the information needed. Everything was already edited and all I really needed was music to put and then I am ready to render the video. Since it will be presented in facebook live, I really needed to use music that was free to use and was suitable to the video as well. I was really fretting on what music to use, especially about how to cite it and all. I really did not know where to look. But then I remembered that you actually gave a link to the wonderful tracks in the game, thus I was able to find very good music there (while also almost crying when I stumbled on the music that you used in the game). So yeah, you saved me a lot of time and headaches when I was finishing everything. The timing was so good, as if God really led these chain of events to help me in that crisis haha. 

Oh thank you! Do take your time it's alright hehe ^_^

I'm curious about something again, how much are the Kuros aware of the simulation? Like they know everything is a lie and they just act based on the story or they actually believe that they are living in that simulation but that it has to come to end cuz it's just another life they have to live through?

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Sooooo I browsed through the incompetech site and I managed to find some of the music tracks used in the game...and I almost cried. First few notes of the track "Heartbreaking" and I instantly remember the gamer route Kuro and how he had to stay back in the virtual world. It was as if the sadness I felt for them during that moment was instantly excavated from the depths of my heart. Gosh, I can't believe that the game still has that effect on me even now haha.

Looking back on it now, it was as if there were two Kuros inside Kuro in the mage route, when Kuro described a "he" that wouldn't play with the MC. Was Kuro tweaked midway? What happened during that time?

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Alsoooooo even if they are clones...are the Kuros and MCs human? Like bone and flesh human? Or are they biologically altered somehow to be superhumans?

Alsoooo does Kuro in the 5 routes need to eat? If he does, dies ge have a sweeth tooth?

Oh yeah, I was also curious about this too, why was Kuro so indecisive in the mage route when he said to go to the stairs but quickly said not to. Whyyy? 

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Also in terms if sprites, I found S****'s to be the most eye candy haha ( I was also excited to see his blurry form at the end of the student route cuz I thought ohmygoshhhh it's the true route Kuro!!!!) but for some reason, detective Kuro's sprite was my favourite. Maybe because he was my favourite Kuro or the way the voice and the lines of that particular Kuro struck me the most, or maybe it was the pose hahaha. But before that though it was actually Princess route Kuro that I deemed as the face of Kuro, becayse it matched so much that when I got to the detective route, it was so jarring to see detective Kuro as the new Kuro, but surprisingly I got used to him quickly. When I got to the gamer route I was able to see the gamer route Kuro as Kuro too but after dinishing the game, the one that looked the most Kuro was the detective one. Did that makr sense? Hahahaha. Either way, when I think if Kuro, it is always detective route Kuro that first appears in my mind. I think that itvwas because of Tim's voice, if he didn't voice the characters the immersion would have been briken and I woild not be able to see the other route Kuros as Kuro, especially detective route Kuro cuz really, with those curves he looked more like a female Kuro, haha. Software limitations but, it worked out in the end. So yeah the voice really sold it to my mind that all of them were Kuro, if it wasn't for the voice I woild have been thinking all throughout that "that's not my Kuro". I guess that was advantageous since he took on so many forms.  

Now I am actually curious as to how detective route Kuro would have looked like in the artstyle of the talented artist who drew student Kuro for you. 

Oh yeah, I also like the detail that he floats hahahaha, I could really see detective Kuro floating because of his pose. Do all of them except gamer Kuro float?

Oh yeaaah! Mage Kuro also reminded me of Ukyo cuz long green hair hahaha sooo I guess that also helped in my attachment to the Kuros hahaha.


Alsoooooo when the creepy voice ma de me choose an ending at the end and blood got splattered in that ending...WHAT DID HE DOOO!?!?!?!?! I chose the CG where 339 and 13 travel outside the research facility..ssooooo if  we were to treat that ending as a separate timeline, did the creepy voice kill the 339 and 13 of that time? 

I wonder what would happen though if I play the game all over again and arrive at the end again, will the creepy voice say the same things? Hahaha 

Alsooooo thank you for the links to the music. I was sure that I had other favourites as well, like the one in the detective route where the MC confides in Kuro so I'm happy ro fins them in the links (I mihhy find even more gems in there haha).

I find it interesting that most of the bad ends can be easily avoided if only the MC listend to Kuro hahaha, very competent spirit guide indeed haha.

WOW! Thank you so much for this hahaha. As I'm coping with finishing the game, I could only really ask for more about it to satiate my curiosity sooo yeaaaaah the HUGE wall of text was really like giving me cake with extra chocolate in it haha.

Annnddd ummm haha, I actually have more questions again. 


Soooo are many Kuros and MCs tested at the same time or are they tested one by one and if it fails then they move on to wakinh the next one? 

So just to confirm, the higher the number, the more routes tge Kuros remember right? Like if Kuro and tge MC suceed in a route, that pair will be used in another route and if they are consistently successful they are most often used in more scenarios, thus they get to retain more of their memories. Can one of the Kuros remember multiple routes or is his memory wiped after every route. I'm really curios as to the extent of the memory wiping in Kuro haha. Cuz I'm also confused as to to the extent of what he meant when he was in the training room with 26. Like when he was with that MC what was it that he explained over and over? Their situation or the routes? I'm also curious about that particular Kuro...if we were to  assume that He IS the Kuro of the 5 routes, will he still have memory of all those 5 routes or will they have been wiped from him? 

Btw, 26 is actually my favourite number. So I have an attachment to 26 hahaha, quite surprised that was her number, and to me it felt like she was really the MC of the 5 routes. 

Alsooo when they are in the simulation, can MC and Kuro feel things? Like can they taste food, can they really feel Kuro's icy touch, can they feel sensations like pain or the butterflies in their stomachs when they kiss? Ooorrrrr is it only an illusion of sensation like when someone is dreaming? 

Okaaayyyy so I actually habe another question hahaha.


Soooo in the true end, I'm confused. Were the aliens who attacked them all gone and that the remaining threat was the faulty experiment of S****'s dad? Sooooo was the MC and S**** able to defeat the threat and save mankind? Is mankind safe now? If they are, will their new focus now be on rehabilitating the Earth?

Alas I have another thing I forgot to say hahaha


I am actually really relieved that Anathema is actually the player rather than the MC. Cuz if Anathema was the MC, I would have feared for what the creepy voice would have done to Kuro/Shiro. That amd it also makes sense why the creepy voice is also there at the very end and after the final route. Cuz itbwas the player he was addressing.


Oh yeah, I also forgot to say this but I also really loved this little bit at the end of everything where if you open the game again after finishibg the true route and listening to the creepy voice's monologue, the music changes and the creepy voice acknowledges you, and everytime you open the game, the music is always the sad music box/piano??? Idk I just found that so cool how it feels like the game has really ended. 

Also, I love the use of music in certain times, like a specific music will play whenever Shiro is presented (the music when Shiro and 339 meet which is my fave out of all the tracks btw.) And how the music at the start, the title music is also used when 339 finally meets og!MC. That was surreal too, like it gave the feeling of realities merging, the fantasy meeting the reality or something like that haha. That music was awesome too, I like how it was just so eerie in a cool way with all these voices digital or not. 


Alsooo now that I remember, I also enjoyed the different details on the similarities and differences between the Kuros, like all of them are cold to the touch, but the way they give power is different, like Detective route Kuro has to slit his palm and hold hands with the MC to transfer power, sooo it made them unique in their own. As if each route was a whole other life of its own, even if it was only just a simulation. 

Another thing, I also liked that Kuro was kind and considerate in some times, like when he was makimg breakfast for the MC also that he tended to blush a lot and was even almost crying in soft moments. That kind of vulnerability and openness also sold me on how real the character felt, and how real their love was soooo yeah I really really love how you wrote the characters and their interactions. 

I really like reading your explanations by the way hahaha and I'm happy that you explain them well too. 

Now that I think about it, Kuro is actually similar to another otome game character that I also loved, Ukyo from Amnesia. They are both kind, loving, and protective of the MC. And it was the bad ends that drove them to their yandere side, or split personality in Ukyo's case. But they still try their best to save the MC. That just made me love Kuro more hahaha. 

I have another question haha


This is probably alteasy ibvious but I'm also not really sure but is MC's canon name Anathema? Or us that name actually for the player? If that is so, does the og!MC have a canon name?

Alsoooo with your confirmation, yeaahh S****'s comment about Kuro having a black heart makes sense. I don't think that Shiro meant that line for dollmaker Kuro but to all the Kuros probably because of how they treated her in the bad ends. Alsoooo since they all came from S****, was the first Kuro before he was put in a simulation and experienced bad ends, not a yandere but slowly became one over the routes or was he tweaked to be a yandere from the very beginning thus them being a shadow if S**** from the very beginning. 

In the Princess route, when Kuro disappeared, they took him out of the simulation right? How did he know that that particular scenario was nearing it's end? Was he getting instructions from Raine? 

Also in terms of bad ends, my favourite ones happened to be in the mage route where the player did not find another way and just straight up knocked on the door. It's because Kuro said that she can do better next time. That actually clued me in somehow that he knows the MC can timetravel. Sooo does he retain those memories too? Of every bad end and then becomes happy when the player chooses the better choice? My other favourite is when the MC surrendered to the villain in the detective route and Kuro says that he can't live without her, and how when she rejected life, she rejected him. It was actually the voice acting in those parts that made it my favourite, but also, because it made me think of a hypothesis. Kuro just wants to save the MC by all means. But if she made a bad choice it's game over. Kuro wants to set things right (to save her or for her to love only him), but the only way to set things right is for the MC to have a bad end, thus letting her fix her mistake. But with Kuro's feelings, he sometimes goes overboard.

I can understand now though why there are so many bad ends. Out of all the VNs I've played, this ine of those which have the most hahaha. I guess I'm actually thankful that the CGs aren't as detailed as those in commercial VNs so atleast I don't have to actually see the bad ends jn a much more graphic manner. I've played many otome games in the past so I'm used to bad ends, but I don't really like violence or gore but it's fine for me in some cases IF they make sense in the overall plot of the story. Sooo I guess I just speed read the bad endings when they became a bit more graphic but as they are integral to the plot, I was able to bear with them albeit just speed reading a lot in some of them. (Oh yeah, kudos to the sound design, because that really added alot to the immersion) Oh yeah, there was this one bad end in the detective route that also really stood out to me, the one where the MC was trapped in the cell for so long. She enjoyed snow because it was cold. I think that it was her subconsciously remembering Kuro and how she missed him, cuz Kuro is icy to the touch hahaha. Actually that might actually be my favourite now that I think about it. It was moments like that that affirmed of their love for each other that pulled me in, be it in a bad end or in the lovely soft moments, those moments were the star of the game for me. 

Lol I have so many replies hahaha but I just keep on remembering more to say and I just wanna keep on gushing haha.


So ummm the moment where S**** and 339 meet in the white room. That moment was so surreal. Maybe it was the music too but, that moment was just so surreal to me, especially when they meet again in the room with Raine. Idk, it was as if I also felt the relief and awe in seeing traces of a beloved that was so far to reach. 

When it comes to soft moments, the kiss scenes were just so nice. My favourite is a threeway tie between the first one in the detective route, the cg one in the gamer route (who knew Kuro could be spicy like that haha), and the desperate one between 339 and 13. Actually now that I think about it, every scene where Kuro and the MC are alone and in a romantic mood like Kuro dancing with her in the mage route or the sweet moment whete Kuro makes breakfast for MC in the detective route...aaahhhh they are just lovely, those soft moments really sold their chemistry to me. They really felt like two pìeople in love. And then the hidden route was just beautiful, even if it was the saddest one. 

Oh yeah, I am curious about this but, when I got the good ending for the gamer route, I still have not gotten all the bad ends but I was able to access the hidden route anyways. I still went back ang got all the bad endings anyway before once again accessing the hidden route. Lol I'm just wondering how itvwas possible but hehe. 

Also how was the MC able to travel back in time in the hidden route? Like that was reality already? How did she turn back time? Or was this part of the Solipsism part of the novel, that possibly even the hidden route is not real, that even that is only constructed in Anathema's mind. So yeaahh just curious about that. I'm still really curious though on the fate of the leftover clones hehe. 

Alsoooo this might be obvious already but I am just really not sure. Sooo Raine and the director are not married? But they have a child together which is the blue haired girl, so I'm guessing that she is the youngest of the three. Lol, how would that feel though, that your siblings are actually lovers and that it is actually not forbidden cuz they are not related. Who was MC's father though? And who was S****'s mother? Sooo is S**** older than the MC? Alsoooo, I'm really curious about how they met and fell inlove, and if like the Kuros, S**** also has a bit, atleast a bit of a possesive streak. Haha I guess I'm really just too invested in the two. Sooo yeah sorry for the barrage of questions, I might have more if I remember haha.

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Ooopss forgot to put spoilers haha


Also...I am shocked that dollmaker is THE MOST yandere of them all. Like, the sweet boy is the most dangerous of them all!?!?!?! I am not surprised but oh my hahahaha


Ohh woooooow! So that really cleared things up for me and confirmed my suspicions. Sooo I'm guessing that S**** screaming for her to remember him was in the early days before she was cloned but when she was now in the chamber? Idk haha. But wow I appreciate them more now, cuz S**** was right, their bond never faltered. 

But I am curious though, why was Kuro called Kuro? The MC was called by her name so why not S****? Was it because S**** or his father did not want S**** to be associated with the Kuros so they named him for the opposite thing to S****?  But woowww so if Kuro saw everything and every route, he knows everything sooooooo that means that somehow dollmaker! Kuro also lives in him albeit indirectly. So even after all this time and up to the end S**** and MC were always together. But if that was the case, I get it why S**** would have such distate for the Kuros, it's his face and voice and its her likeness that he is seeing, he must have been so envious and mad at the Kuros watching them throughout the routes.

Really though, even now I still cry when I remember Kuro ahhhhh. This really is my favourite. The concept blew me away and the thought behind it, how every event was simulated and how it was all it gave justice to the title. As a student who majors in Literature, the whole VN was cathartic to me when all the pieces lined up and the bigger picture was revealed. The plotholes in the routes and the little things that gave way to the main picture suddenly clicked. And the theme of Solipsism was really presented well. So yeaaah this fame is really unique. I have never encountered any other game such as this. And what I like best about it is that it's the same couple everytime, which is something I have been wanting to see in VNs, sooo I loved seeing their bond, even if it is so painful and tragic. So yeah, thank God for the true end. 

I'm curious though what happens to all the other clones at the end. Will they set them free? Lol this is where I kinda like to think that Kuro from the five routes finds his own MC who was a predecessor of 339 (so it's technically the same girl he romanced) and they live happily together somewhere hehe. 

P.S. since they all share the same face, I also like to think that since S**** now gas black hair, he'd let it grow and braid a certain dollmaker hehehe. But despite this though, when I think of Kuro it's detective Kuro that comes to mind. Aahhh I like that version of him so much haha. Gosh, I really love Kuro.

(1 edit)

Oohhhh yeah. I also really loved the music? Especially in the detective and hidden route, also the good end 1 was so epic and sweet and the music added to that, though the true end really deserved to be the best one and is really my favourite of the bunch. But that creepy voice, I have so many questions about it like....


why Anathema? How is the MC a sacrifice cuz that's what Anathema means.  How is he able to see everything? Were they lovers? At first I thought the voice was the more murderous side of Kuro, cuz in the mage route it was as if he had two personalities, like Ukyo from Amnesia. But is Anathema actually the player behind the screen? Aaahhh I really have a lot of questions huh? 

I just finished the game and I am soooooooooo MINDBLOWN. So I have lots of feels right now so idk if I could express them all but AAAHHHHHHH I love it I love Kuro very very much.


Soooo ummm the Kuro that we spent all 5 routes with, I actually thought the same as you in that it was the Kuro that 26 meets in the room. I can't gandle him being dead soooo I like to think that he survived in the end amd found another MC that was a predecessor of 339 that did not get discarded. Idk I really want a happy ending for him. Alsoooo can I gush about the detective route Kuro? He and the Princess route Kuro werw my absolute favourites. But detective Kuro was my all time favourite. I really loved their sweet moments, especially at the end where they spend their last moment in the ferris wheel. But my favourite moment was at the end of the mage route where Kuro makes the MC promise to love him always even of she will forget him. Aahhhh I just love the passionate devotion Kuro has for the MC. The Kuro that was so enraged at the sight of 339, I felt so sad for him. I mean he got MARRIED to MC, that has got to hurt, finally being with your beloved in manitromony only to lose her. Aahhhh whyyyyyyy is wverything so painful.

 Oh yeah, I'm curious about S****'s yandere level, even the doll maker's yandere level. And I'm guessing that the married Kuro's yandere levrl is very high?

Also, I really got creeped out at the voice calling tye MC Anathema, especially atvthe end where the game took over my whole screen when the voice said I can'tvescape from him. Ugghhhhh. I'm curious about who it is and how high his yandere level is, if he even has a yandere level. 

Oh yeah even though the detective route is my favourite, the gamer route was the most insightful, like the parallels in it! Kuro saying he has feelings, and then thw MC in the hidden route saying she has feelibgs even if she was a clone, ughhhh that was good, like even the concept of merging realities and changing realities. This route reallt made sense to be the final one before the hidden one. Alssooo why is Kuro here having a change of heart  ompared to the others? Alsoooo where does S****'s figure shouting at MC happen chronilogically? I mean he only said his words to og! MC so when did the end sequences after every route happen? I have a lot of questions right now haha. But really I love your game, the concept is good, the philosophy is interesting, and really intrigued me. It was awesome to see how it is tackled in game. And alsoooo S**** is hot sooooo yeah. 

So TLDR, I love SR so much, and this is coming from someone who has played LOTS of visual novels: it is my all time favourite now

P.S. I love Kuro's voice, it really brought him to life and it fit the sprites so well. Also love the moments where it is so soft amd loving hehe.

I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCCCHHHHH. I played this game a week ago but I still love it even now! My favourite character was definitely Owen, I really admired his honesty and how respectful he was with Junia's wishes, and the music that played during Owen's stay ending (high affection) is definitely beloved by me. Aaahh I love this game.

I also forgot to say, I like the color scheme of the characters, actually everything about the game, but I took special interest in the music (so fitting and chilling, I would leave the game open on my computer as I drew) I also loved the pretty art (I especially loved the character designs and their color scheme as well, like is there a meaning to it? Like Rose being bubbly is assigned to be blonde?) 

I FOUND THE ENDING HAHAHA and WOOOOOOWWW I LOVED IT TOO. I still love this game even after playing it days after. 

I loved this so much. It has not left my mind days after playing it. Gosh, will there be a sequel? 

Spoiler (if it can be classified as that):

Will there be a glimpse of the life of the girl who gave herself to a life without romance? Time will tell after all. Will we ever get to see that?  Will there be ANY chance at all that they do fall in love?  Aaaahhh it hurts to think about it.  Either way I'm just amazed by this. 

I also loved the music that played in every scene, really they fit so well, especially with the tone of the story. The plot twist definitely caught me off guard too, I never would have suspected it from a mile away.

So when I looked at the music room, there was one of them that had "???" , on top of "Target - H/MIX" I got endings 1, 2 and 3... is there anyway to find that missing music? I don't really know how I could have missed something hahaha.

By the way...I TOTALLY LOVED THIS GAME!!! I JUST LOVED NOAH AND SORA SO MUCH. The thing that stood out to me the most was the music and the sound design. In all my days of playing visual novels, this is the game that has a 11/10 for sound design, I loved it, even in details such as falling from a tree, windows crashing, remembering something, gosh I liked it so much, and the music fits so well.  I do wish too that we would be able to see more of Noah and Annelise, in their former life and in the new. 

Also, loved the little easter egg with Dark Nights haha. I loved that game too.