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I loved this so much. It has not left my mind days after playing it. Gosh, will there be a sequel? 

Spoiler (if it can be classified as that):

Will there be a glimpse of the life of the girl who gave herself to a life without romance? Time will tell after all. Will we ever get to see that?  Will there be ANY chance at all that they do fall in love?  Aaaahhh it hurts to think about it.  Either way I'm just amazed by this. 


I also forgot to say, I like the color scheme of the characters, actually everything about the game, but I took special interest in the music (so fitting and chilling, I would leave the game open on my computer as I drew) I also loved the pretty art (I especially loved the character designs and their color scheme as well, like is there a meaning to it? Like Rose being bubbly is assigned to be blonde?) 


Hi there, writer here - seeing your comment is nearly enough to make me blush! Words can't describe how happy I am to see you enjoy the story so much. I'm sure the amazing art and music are just as big a part of that as the words themselves!

Thank you for playing, and I'm so glad you could find so much to enjoy in Without Romance!