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Azure Indie

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I really enjoyed this game for a few hours, but there are several things that ruin replayability:

  • The enemies go out of their way to destroy encampments, completely ruling out sparse defenses as a viable strategy.
  • The effective range of buildings feels really short and limiting.
  • Power management is a nightmare, made significantly worse by the previous point.
  • The widespread nature of resources means you can't build a compact base, which then necessitates a lot of infrastructure, which makes power management even more of a nightmare, where there's a large percentage of tiles used just to shuffle the power around, and the one-way-ness of these tiles makes that even worse.

I think this game has a lot of potential to be great, but the way I see it there's currently a hard cap on your ability to fortify and strategize.

Edit: That was all about Version 3.5 (almost didn't see 4.0 alpha was available, whoops)