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I really enjoyed this game for a few hours, but there are several things that ruin replayability:

  • The enemies go out of their way to destroy encampments, completely ruling out sparse defenses as a viable strategy.
  • The effective range of buildings feels really short and limiting.
  • Power management is a nightmare, made significantly worse by the previous point.
  • The widespread nature of resources means you can't build a compact base, which then necessitates a lot of infrastructure, which makes power management even more of a nightmare, where there's a large percentage of tiles used just to shuffle the power around, and the one-way-ness of these tiles makes that even worse.

I think this game has a lot of potential to be great, but the way I see it there's currently a hard cap on your ability to fortify and strategize.

Edit: That was all about Version 3.5 (almost didn't see 4.0 alpha was available, whoops)

If you click on a Power node and then click on another block that consumes energy you'll connect them.Same happens when you click another power node,enabling you to one huge energy network,if you want to ofc.