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just get an OQ2

Hey could you make the game installable through the launcher again?

I know I can do it manually but it would be nice to being able to update the game without extracting and moving around the files

Still can't install the game via itch launcher...

Thank you for the update

I'll try the desktop version

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check out the discord server or the patreon page

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Where's the config file located? I was able to find QualitySettings.ini, so the other one.

Booted the game again to find out that this game doesn't save settings for you.

It's nearly impossible to set precise values in-game. You should never use sliders for VR UI.

Also, the UI should follow the headset.

Can't install the latest version from itch client (just reporting)

I hope the next version will be available on the client

Did you do it all by yourself?

I feel it can be improved with some help from native Japanese speakers.

too short, repetitive, easy but grinding in some way, feels likes just an another 2d game

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How does everyone think of this game?

*I think the game is overrated and overpriced