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Probably the best entry so far. Five stars across the board. GG

btw there will be a post voting update that will include sfx and music.

Thanks for the lengthy feedback! Currently working on the audio as it didn't make it into the game in time. Stay tuned for a post voting update. Sad to hear about the scene transitions. They definitely work better locally, but it is a browser game, so I'll have to look for a solution. Perhaps load all the levels on first load instead.

Thank you for the feedback. I'll be releasing an update to the game once the voting ends and I'll adjust the small enemies accordingly.

Thank you!

Thank you so much! Much appreciated! Sorry about the bug QQ

Ooooh! Thanks for the gameplay recording! Hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks for all the great feedback! Unfortunately, the checkpoints never made it in, along with a million other things :D

Had a great time in this one jumping from cog to cog. I love the sense of scale with the environment along with the platforming section in the cogs. Great stuff!

Glad you dig the trail as I find them pretty fun too! The moving platforms were a great idea by Juchu. Will keep your feedback in mind, appreciate it!Thank you!

Amazing entry! Great artwork with a very old school, 90's SNK platformer feel. Good luck with the jam!

Great entry and fun game! Unfortunately, I ran into a bug at the second or third checkpoint. I collected the spider pickup that allows wall sliding and jumping, died, respawned at a checkpoint without the ability. I went to go grab it again and it was gone, so I got stuck because I couldn't progress. Hence the 4/5 execution score. Everything else was 5/5. Great effort! Good luck!

Wow! Impressive! Can't wait to play this one!

Hi AshedDev! Great question. I would recommend taking the time that is left to polish what you have done so far or even add more content if possible.

Pretty solid entry. Really like the mix of 3d and 2d. Makes it stand out from the other entries so far.

Pretty fun experience so far. Ran into a bug where I died and I couldn't attack after respawning. Can't wait to the final version!

Thanks for the input! 

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Please leave any feedback here in relation to gameplay, graphics, game feel, controls, etc. Gamey stuff :D

Add the game to your collection to get notified of new updates.

Thank you,

~ The Management

I tried playing your game but it kept crashing. That's because I'm on a Mac tho. Web games and Chrome on a Mac don't play nice. I'll try again on my PC tomorrow. What I did see, I really liked. The intro cutscene was pretty awesome. Small bug there but the Eclipse line played twice.

The gameplay was fun while it ran but it would crash when hitting the R key.

Hi everyone! I fixed the health bugs and added a victory screen with a restart button. Hope you enjoy it and good luck in the jam!

Thank you! I appreciate that~

Thank you for trying it out! <3

Thank you!

Thank you so much! Thanks for the feedback. Double jump would work well here as well as playing with the platform height a little bit.

Thanks for trying it out! I'll have a look at the bug, ty.

Noted. Thanks for replying.

Thank you! Sorry you weren't able to play it. What browser and OS are you using?

Just played four or five games from the Jam and this is the best one so far. I was super into it.

Great work on this one! My favorite game of the jam so far. Brilliant ambience. The gameplay, narrative, visuals, ui, and music all fit together nicely

Great looking game! Really impressed by the art.

Great and fun game! Enemies are a bit OP

Pretty fun and challenging experience. Got stuck on the triple platform doozy of a level.  It was just too difficult in the end. Great entry!

Thank you!

I'm glad you like it! And right back at ya~

Fell in love with these tracks with the preview and ended up using the Otto track for my new mini game, Lord Dark Frog! Great work!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it and appreciate the feedback. Stamina recovery is indeed slow. I have been thinking of updating the regeneration rate a bit, maybe even doubling it as once you get the carrots going, stamina gets eaten up rather quickly. Another way to recover stamina is to use it all up. This will cause LDF to fall asleep. He recovers stamina twice as fast when sleeping.

Glad to hear you dig it! And thanks for the donation!

Hi Noah! Thanks for coming back and trying it out again. Appreciate all the feedback and I'm glad you dig some of the changes. I started working on a new game, so updates on this are on hold for now. I'll post via a devlog if and when FS gets an update!

Thank you Filipinjo! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the feedback. More abilities are on the way in the upcoming beta. Please follow the project for updates :)