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Thanks for opinion! About the theme: it is kinda stretched but you cannot do anything else than safe the world so your fate is uncontrolable :)


Thanks for this amazing and insightful review! 

Nice to hear!

I'm glad you liked it :D


I love it!

Nice game!

PS: How do you make it to have always the same screen ratio in Unity?

 I have found a bug. (player disapered after restart)

Thanks! :) Glad you like it.

Thanks for your opinion! If you don't like the music you can disable it (but you will disable all the sounds).

We will add more after the jam ends :)

Thanks for your comment!

You are right that irl disinformation works not exactly like this but we wanted to make the game easier to understand and play. (Maybe we will add more more-realistic posts in the future.)
Not allowing the player to use the internet also has a purpose: the source of the posts is the internet so guardian must decide on his feelings and not by using the internet.

Nice game!

I'm glad you like it! :)

I think the better way would be around (make english first for game jam and czech after).

Good idea but I just ment that you should join longer game jam and not that you shouldn't make 3D game :)

Because you don't have enough time to make good-looking graphics.

Cool game!

Very nice-looking game!

Nice art!

Nice game!

You shouldn't go for 3d game in short jams ;)


You should make it in english ;)

This is the zip file download button

"TheSeminarist(v1.0).zip 59 MB 

 May 06, 2019"

Is it in theme?

This game was made 1 year ago (should be disqualified) and it's not in theme.

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I'm glad you liked it :)

There are 16 posts total and when you finish the game there is an end screen with your total score based on your points and time.

Nice graphics! Unfortunately, I don't speak Czech so idk what was the story about. 

Fun game! I like the controls and abilities. It's very short and not exactly in theme tho.

Nice game! It's quite similar to ours but I think that yours have better-looking graphics. 

One thing that I don't like in your game is the timer because there is no chance I manage to READ the posts and especially THINK about my decision.

Nice art and sound! Nice idea for a game too but I have found some bugs (e.g. loading next level twice), and I don't think it fits the theme very well. It's quite fun to play! 

Please leave comments with your opinions and suggestions!

Pretty cool game but i haven't noticed any difficulty increase during 5 minutes of playing so i was very bored. I didin't catch the point of this game. It looks good and has nice sound tho.

Nice idea for the game but it doesn't quite work... Buttons are not working and you can place units after winning the first level (you can't go to next level because "next level"  button is not working). 

Cool graphics tho!



Thanks for feedback!

I tried to make it as good as I could in only one hour.

Nice concept!